Don’t call me Skinny

Last week my friend Emily shared a wonderful article on our #100milesmonthly group page.  It was a hello giggles article, where Lauren Conrad speaks about banning body shaming words from her vocab. This has really had me thinking over the last week. How often do I use some words over others to describe how peopleContinue reading “Don’t call me Skinny”


Workout reading:  Is everyone hanging out without me by Mindy Kaling and Workout listening: Hip Hop BBQ on Pandora.  Currently watching: Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars (shocking that it’s reality TV, I know)! In the month of May I joined a Facebook group with the challenge of walking/running 100+ miles during the month.  I tookContinue reading “#100monthlymiles”

Well…what do you call it?

Rewind 15/16 years ago and I am standing in my parents’ kitchen.  My Dad, Mom and Sister are there and we are all joking about something.  I say to my Dad “don’t be a dick”.  My Mom then looks at me and says “Stephanie”, too which I replied “Sorry, don’t be a penis”.  This saysContinue reading “Well…what do you call it?”

Dental Anxiety

Yesterday I worked 8 hours,  then went to the dentist. Does anyone else feel the way I do about the dentist?   Terrified because of experiences from your childhood.   Convinced that they create problems with your teeth just to get your money.  That’s how I have been all of my adult life and about 6 monthsContinue reading “Dental Anxiety”