Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/18

Here is the 2nd Installment of the Teenage Spotlight!  Thank you again for all the interest. If you read this and our interested in guest blogging on “what its like to be a teenager in 2016”, please connect with me. Hey I go by DayDreamer52 on My Overflowing Thoughts here on WordPress and I want toContinue reading “Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/18”

Flashback Friday: Calling all Teenage Bloggers

I know, I know I am only “Flashing Back” to 5 days ago.  The point is that I am really excited about this project and I want to get AS MANY teenagers on board as I can.  So, share it with your friends and your friends friends.  Have them connect with me so that weContinue reading “Flashback Friday: Calling all Teenage Bloggers”

Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/11

So, this is the first of my series, What is it like to be a Teenager in 2016?  Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.  I will be posting one Teenager guest blog every Thursday until I run out of posts.  So, here goes nothing!!!  Our first Guest Blogger is Mahjabeen on Awesomeideas2003Continue reading “Thursday Teenager Spotlight 2/11”