Online Dating

I’m watching a show on A&E about online dating. These are not the positive, lovely, happy ever after stories you see in the commercials. These stories are about women who ended up raped, beaten or stalked. It has me thinking. First and foremost, so grateful nothing like this ever happened to me. For about 8Continue reading “Online Dating”

Things we do for our children

I was trying to think about what to write this morning.  Thoughts were going through my head.  One of those thoughts was that I am going to Chuck e Cheese later with my six year old for a birthday party!!  That made me think…oh the things that we do for our children. I wrote earlierContinue reading “Things we do for our children”

I am Woman #Thisis38

I had this quote fall into my Facebook feed the other day.  I believe that it was Glennon Doyle who shared it!  If you don’t know who Glennon Doyle is, maybe you should take a minute and check her out right after you read this! Anyway, after reading this quote and re-reading this quote…I canContinue reading “I am Woman #Thisis38”

Relationships #Thisis38

On the Eve of my 7th wedding anniversary, I wanted to talk for a minute about what a relationship looks like to me. Last night, my husband and I stayed up for over an hour talking after we had “gone to bed” for the night.  It started with one thing and led down a pathContinue reading “Relationships #Thisis38”