What Kind Of Mom Are You At The Playground? — ihaveanopinionidliketoshare

Yesterday I decided to do the dumbest thing in the world and take both of my tiny humans to the mall in the post Christmas sales blitz. But the mall has a play area you see. And we were on the second day after a blizzard, it was fucking cold outside and Husband was sleeping […]Continue reading “What Kind Of Mom Are You At The Playground? — ihaveanopinionidliketoshare”

5 Rules to This Co-Parenting Thing — A Thomas Point of View

This is a follow-up post to my 3 Truths About Co-Parenting. I, along with many others struggle when trying to find a balance with child-rearing and dealing with our exes so I wanted to share my 5 Rules for co-parenting. This is not an inclusive list and please understand that one size doesn’t fit all.Continue reading “5 Rules to This Co-Parenting Thing — A Thomas Point of View”

Happy 9th Birthday: My Beautiful Boy

I wrote this post 1 year ago and I couldn’t have written it any better today.  I love you James, Happy Birthday! Today is my oldest biological child’s 8th Birthday! He is truly the first person who taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  I remember finding out that I was pregnant with him.  OneContinue reading “Happy 9th Birthday: My Beautiful Boy”

Step One of Dealing With a Toddler — Never Trust a Jellyfish

Dealing with a toddler can be an overwhelming experience, whether you’re a first time mom like me or an experienced child wrangler. So tips on how to deal with said toddler are always welcome, or at least that’s how I feel. So here’s my unsolicited tip of the day for all the besieged toddler-parents out […]Continue reading “Step One of Dealing With a Toddler — Never Trust a Jellyfish”

FBF: Christmas from the Parents Perspective

I have just really started to think about Christmas this year.  What specifically to buy each of our kids.  However, for the 3rd year in a row I will be going with the 4 gifts! When you have 6 children, who live in 4 different households the thought of Christmas can be extremely overwhelming.  EveryContinue reading “FBF: Christmas from the Parents Perspective”

FBF: Pure Imagination

In honor of Halloween, that is only 3 days away.  My Halloween post from last year.  Things will be much different this year.  Only our youngest will be with us and he is being a Wrestler, so very different from Willy Wonka. This Halloween was one for the books.  It also was about a yearContinue reading “FBF: Pure Imagination”

Using BABY GAMES to Educate

I am an Early Childhood Professional.  The whole time I have been in this field I have operated on a “play-based” philosophy.  Some people believe that using baby games isn’t a way to educate, but I beg to differ. Children need play in their lives.  This world already forces them to grow up too fast.Continue reading “Using BABY GAMES to Educate”

#Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

We could all use some tips on helping our children stay positive. This is a continuation of last week’s #momlife post. Tikeetha asked for tips on shaping your child’s perception when they tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. I’m… Source: #Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

Raising an Adult

Since our kids have been giving us a run for our money lately, I thought it was a good time to share this post. Last week sometime I got into a disagreement with with my 7 year old son James.  We were watching tv together, along with my 6 year old daughter.  My daughter hadContinue reading “Raising an Adult”