A Life Lived Better

No one can change your life perspective but you.  The things you decide to let bother you, the people you bring into your life, the adventures that you choose to embark on.  As an adult, all of these things are on you. I get pretty sick and tired of people constantly complaining about things, butContinue reading “A Life Lived Better”

Have you discovered the Secret?

A couple of days ago a Facebook friend posted a quote.  I found myself commenting on it without even really thinking.  I asked her about a book.  Told her that the quote instantly made me think of it.  That book got me through my divorce.    Over the last couple of days, I have beenContinue reading “Have you discovered the Secret?”

Free and Brave

Happy 239th Birthday to the country I call home.  The country that I was fortunate enough to be born in to and be a citizen of.  The United States of America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I do suppose this post might ruffle some feathers, but it’s my truth.  I believeContinue reading “Free and Brave”

Color Run, Let the Colors Run

This morning I did the Ypsilanti color run for the third year in a row.  Only today it was different somehow, somehow a little more special, a celebration of the amazing turn our country took yesterday.  Now, at no point did the Color Run officials, volunteers or workers say anything of the sort.  They weren’tContinue reading “Color Run, Let the Colors Run”