Thursday Teenager Spotlight: 2/25

Hello! My name is Alex and  I’m fourteen years old.  I’m in Year 10 at highschool, which I believe is the equivilant of freshman year in America. I live in a very cold part of Nothern England where it’s almost always raining and there isn’t much to do, but all in all I love England, we’re a very artsy country that have produced some pretty cool eccentrics and in general, our people are pretty lovely too. Even though I would love to travel, for the longterm, I’m staying firmly rooted in England.
The whole idea of being a teenager is something I’ve never really thought about, I fell into my teenage years through a very difficult time and as I’ve stayed clear of the stereotypical teenage drama my entire life. Not that sterotypical drama isn’t a pain and everyone who’s going through is completely validated to feel terrible. Stereotypes aren’t always bad, it’s probably just that the person you are arguing with is being rather petty. ANYWAY went off topic a little there, what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I really live up to the convential expectations of the modern teenager. My life is probably much quieter. I’m a very independent person, who enjoys a balance of spending time with her group of friends and spending quality time with her cat.
Okay I’m coming across a little lonely.
I’m not shy at all, I’m just not particulary loud. I enjoy writing and I’m currently working on my first full novel! I also love blogging, it makes me so happy and I’ve learnt so much from it. I’m not paticulary popular at school, but not unpopular either, I’m sort of out of the loop with my group of friends that try and get on with everyone. Although don’t you think the whole teenage hierachy is stupid? The whole pack system is animalistic and primitive and only used to give people more self confidence. When there are much nicer ways (ever heard of compliments?)  It just makes people feel uncomfortable and the whole idea is just an illusion which is just based on a suprioity complex which has no real effect on anything.
And calm.
In terms of problems teenagers face, I think most of us struggle with school for different reasons. Bullying, behaviour, stress whatever it may be, we can feel helpless because we have no choice but to stick it out for a couple more years. I believe there definately needs to be more pastoral care systems in schools, lots of people are facing serious problems and schools just can’t cope with them, when they should be at the forefront of that student’s support system, considering how much time the student has to  spend there.
My last little question is what I think teenage life was like 20 years ago. The year would be 1996 and I think I would sort of prefer to be a teenager then, simply because the music was better and I love 90s fashion and films and televison and everything 90s. Although, I think teenagers then still dealed with the same problems as us, just applyed  to slightly different situations. The teachers would have probably have been nastier, apparently they’ve got softer with time.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my teenage life, I’m really honoured to be part of this project. Feel free to check out my blog HappyAlex and say hello.
Thank you so much for reading,

#40Notes40Days: Someone who was a classmate

Chelsea-Things are a little fuzzy, being that it started 20 years ago.  20 years ago I moved to Kalamazoo from Livonia between my sophomore and junior year of high school.  Even after all this time and all that I have been through, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I was not looking forward to starting in a new school at 16 years old.  People were generally pretty nice to me though.  My second hour was gym, gross!!  In Livonia I had already met all the physical education requirements, but in Portage we needed more.  So, here I was a Junior and in P.E. class.  A class that as I recall had about 20 boys and 5 girls.  Lucky for me, you were one of the girls.

You made my 2 years at Portage Central totally manageable.  Not to mention the years that stretched beyond graduation.  We became best friends, what seems like instantly.  Staying the night at each others house, sharing our lockers and spending all of our extra time together.

You were the most loyal and true friend that I could have asked to meet when I moved to Kalamazoo.  Making me feel like I belonged and helping to ease the transition and pain that I held from the move.

It has been far too many years since we have seen each other.  Though, when I think of great friendships that I have had, yours is at the top of that list.  Memorial Day picnics in Three Rivers, Spring Break in Cancun, visits up to Central and watching Brann’s boys play baseball.  Our graduations, first tattoos, prom and many many more things.  My turtle tattoo, would still kiss your lizard one if we were standing side by side.

You ended up being so much more than just a classmate.  For that I am forever thankful! Thank you for everything you gave me in that tough time in my life.  I love you!



What Do You Think: Shooting Sprees

So, a town called Kalamazoo, about 2 hours away from where I currently live had a random shooting over the weekend.  This town also happens to be one that I lived in for my last two years of high school and came home to during breaks from college.  My sister currently lives about 15 minutes west and I have many old friends who still live there.

I have read a lot of news articles, but I am not going to pretend to know 100% what happened.  What I can tell for certain is that 6 people died at the hands of an Uber driver who decided to go on a shooting rampage.

This is not about any of that.  What I am wondering though, is when you hear stories like this who/what do you tend to blame?

A Facebook friend of mine posted about this on her timeline a couple of days ago.  She lost a couple of people that she knew and made a statement about how heartbroken she was. In the comments, someone went on talking about how this was the Devil’s work. “Satan is on the rise” this lady said.   I can’t put my finger on why, but that really rubbed me the wrong way.

I found myself reading and re-reading the comment hoping that I just hadn’t understood what was being said.  Although, I am pretty certain that I understand exactly.  Here is the thing though, I don’t think this has anything to do with faith.  I say that and I am a religious person, I do believe in God, I attend church regularly.

I tend to believe that more often than not these situations occur as a result of mental illness.  We ask, what can we do?  It seems to me that the answer can be as simple as be a little nicer to people, reach out and speak to people that maybe normally you wouldn’t, particularly the person in the room who is all by themselves.

For most people, we have no idea what is going on in their heads and in their homes. Though for that moment, we have the ability to connect with them in perhaps a way that no one has for a long time, if ever.

I don’t believe this is a Satan issue, I believe that it is a Mental Health issue.  What Do You Think?

#40Notes40Days: Random person on your friend list

I am not really sure why, but Laura you are the first person that popped into my head!


We barely know each other.  I believe that we have only seen each other in real 2 times. Yet, I have a very fond memory of the first time that we met.  At Bailey’s celebrating Rachel’s birthday.  That was January of 2012.  Paul and I had just got married and I barely knew anyone at the party.

I sat down next to you and you talked to me like we had known each other forever.  I found out so much about you, your life and your beautiful son.  I believe that I friend requested you on Facebook the next day.  Little did I know that we wouldn’t see each other in person again for nearly 2 1/2 years.

I watch your status and updates on Facebook.  I love seeing the pictures of Luke, updates on your nursing life and of course you embracing Mental Illness.  I don’t pretend to know your background with it, but I do know that because of you, I was more encouraged to get help!


Both that last picture and the Featured image are pictures that were on your Facebook page, that I saved as soon as I saw them to use for a later date.  I didn’t know how or when I would use them at the time, but this note sure seemed like an appropriate place!

I know that we aren’t “friends” at least not in the traditional sense of the word. As we have only ever met twice and other than supporting each other here and there on Facebook, we don’t talk in between meetings.  However, I wanted you to know that admire and respect you.  I think that you are an amazing woman with so much to offer the world. I am glad to have met you and I hope that I can see you again sometime soon!



Manic Monday Check-In: 2/22

Another wonder week for Making Time For Me.  My second best week ever with 668 views,  299 visitors, 442 likes and 91 comments.  Still I am in complete awe that so many of you follow and read what it is that I have to write, so Thank You!!!   You all know that my favorite stat is the Countries stat.  Well this week I noticed for the first time that my blog was read in Switzerland and Italy!  Just awesome.

I was able to Reblog 3 wonderful Blogs: Hopefully spreading the love to them!

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Go check them out if you haven’t already!!!

And a big Thank you again to DayDreamer52 on My Overflowing Thoughts for participating in my Thursday Teenager Spotlight!!

I have 256 followers as of today, which I can’t even wrap my head around and just thrilled that someone new every day decides that they want to support my blog.  I reached 1337 Likes sometime last week and received a notification for it, which I thought was really weird.  Though, still made me smile.

And once again I was nominated for an award.  The Miranda Sings award.  Some of you might think that award are silly or a waste of time, but it is my opinion that if someone takes the time to shout out your blog, you respect them by taking the time to pay it forward.  After all, what is wrong with spreading the love and showing recognition?

This week look for more #40Notes40Days, another Thursday Teenager Spotlight and much more sprinkled in. Who knows, maybe I can get 44 more followers this week and hit 300!

#40Notes40Days: Someone you have not seen in at least a year.

Lil’ Steph-

I realized that when I made my list of who I was going to write to, that I wrote Lil’ Steph down.  Some things will certainly never change.  Although, now that I have written that, I am wondering who first started calling you Lil’Steph anyway?

Sometime about 21 (I think) years ago, you came into my life.  I’m not sure if this is how the actual story goes, but this is how I remember it.  We were at choir camp, you sought me out in my cabin and basically said something like, my mom knows your dad and she told me I should find you.

If it is too much different than that, don’t tell me 🙂  You are only 2 years younger than me, but it was just enough back then, that you seemed like a baby.  I was headed into High School and you were in Middle School.  Yet, so quickly, possibly before even leaving camp that week, you became one of my very best friends.

A little sister, actually.  Coming to me with advice, talking for hours about school, boys and parents.  I fell in love with you, you know what I mean!  We only had 2 short years that we lived by each other in our friendship.  I moved, went to college, you went to college and now somehow even though we only live about 45 minutes away, it seems as though we are on the other side of the planet.

You have been there for the important things though and luckily, I was too.  We always managed to make it to wedding, showers, births and birthdays.  We have always had an understanding that even though we don’t see each other, we are always in each other’s hearts and on each other’s minds.

You are truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life.  Inside and Out, you radiate positive energy, good vibes and charm.  I am so lucky that you walked into my life 21 years ago and no distance, no amount of time will ever make me walk away!  You and your beautiful family are thought about more than I could ever tell you, I love you all! Hopefully, we will see each other before another 3 1/2 years go by.


The No Complaining Rule

I’m reading this book.  Written by the same author as The Energy Bus,  Jon Gordon. The No Complaining Rule.
I’m only about half way through and this is what it has validated for me.   You have 2 choices,  positivity or negativity.   There are 2 roads in life,  you get to pick which road you are on.  “The positive road is never closed.   And if you ever get off of it,  you can always get back on. ”
You can choose to quit complaining in 2 steps.
First step,  you do a No Complaining Day.  Just stop cold turkey.  You monitor your thoughts and realize just how negative you are.
Second step,  When you do complain,  because you will,  use it to your advantage.   We can use what we don’t want and don’t like as a catalyst to help us determine what we do want and do like.

Food for thought!


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Reblog: 5 Life-Changing Wisdom to Improve Your Life

Originally posted on Live.Dream.Inspire. Go check out this blog, a wonderful reminder about the things we can do in life to improve the quality of our lives.

#40Notes40Days: Someone you admire

I have watched you and admired you since I was in the 6th grade.
Sitting on your piano bench playing the flute.  The instrument that you taught me how to play the best I could and made me want to practice and get better week to week.
You were so smart,  talented,  kind and beautiful.
I remember knowing how lucky I was that you were in my life.
When you went off to Duke for college,  I remember thinking you must be so intelligent,  hard working and elite.
Over the years you have been sprinkled here and there in my life.
When I was getting divorced,  you gave me the best advice.  You told me to always remember that this was just a part of my story, not my whole story.   That sticks with me still.
Watching your posts on Facebook is nothing short of amazing.   You are so successful,  with a beautiful family,  a loving husband and a great career.
You take care of yourself and your family.   That is what still makes you so admirable.
I’m so thankful that you have been a part of my life.   Maybe just sprinkled here and there,  but leaving your mark nonetheless.
Thank you Julie!  You are someome I admire and have for nearly 25 years.


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