Well…what do you call it?

Rewind 15/16 years ago and I am standing in my parents’ kitchen.  My Dad, Mom and Sister are there and we are all joking about something.  I say to my Dad “don’t be a dick”.  My Mom then looks at me and says “Stephanie”, too which I replied “Sorry, don’t be a penis”.  This says it all.  My mom didn’t want me to use the derogatory/crude/rude word, she wanted me to use the correct term and so I did.

Fast forward to some time last week.  When my co-worker received a phone call from a provider looking for an answer to “what do you tell little girls and little boys to call their private parts”.  From my cube, I hear my friend say “Penis and Vagina” and she must have had to say it a few times and I was laughing to myself the entire time.  I couldn’t even imagine what in the world the person on the other end of the conversation had said to her to warrant this response.  After she hangs up the phone, she comes over to me.  “Let me ask you a question, what do you call little boys and little girls private parts?”  To which I responded “Penis and Vagina”.  And we both hysterically laughed about it.

This conversation had just come up between me and my husband.  We are in the process of potty training 2 year old son.  Most of the time, I am the one who takes him into the bathroom to go and I always say, blah blah blah “your penis”.  My husband says, “why do you call it that?”  According to the love of my life, I should refer to my sons penis as “his junk”.  I refuse to do this.

Why is it so uncomfortable for people to hear the words penis and vagina?  The politically/anatomically correct words!  It shouldn’t be taboo, we shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed to refer to our body parts by their correct name.  We definitely shouldn’t be teaching our children to be shameful of this.  To me, this was just matter of fact.  I never questioned it or thought it was weird.  Now after having this conversation with multiple people over the last couple of weeks.  I am very curious as to what other people think.

Do I have this mentality because I worked with kids before I had kids of my own?  I started working in the early childhood field 13 years ago.  I don’t remember anyone teaching me what to refer to body parts as in my line of work, but I know that while diapering/potty training toddlers and preschoolers I always used the biological words to describe their anatomy.  It never made me uncomfortable and none of my co-workers ever told me that it was uncomfortable for them.  I don’t remember any of my co-workers not using the same verbiage when speaking to the kids. To me this is not a big deal.

The more that we talk about with kids like it is just the way this, the more comfortable they will be with the words and their bodies themselves.  Comfortable so that if something is hurting, they are able to adequately describe the problem and the area to you or even to a doctor.  Or what if heaven forbid someone talks to your child or touches your child inappropriately, if they know the correct terminology there will be no questioning when they are trying to talk to you about something/anything that is on their mind. I don’t know if this is “New Aged” thinking.  Though it seems to me that we shouldn’t feel ashamed about teaching kids the correct names for their Penis and Vagina any more than we should feel ashamed about teaching them that their nose is a nose and their hand is a hand!

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Dental Anxiety

Yesterday I worked 8 hours,  then went to the dentist.
Does anyone else feel the way I do about the dentist?   Terrified because of experiences from your childhood.   Convinced that they create problems with your teeth just to get your money.  That’s how I have been all of my adult life and about 6 months ago that changed.
I decided to call a local dentist and make an appointment for a cleaning.   Not because I cared,  but because my kids were asking to go and get their teeth cleaned.   They were making me feel guilty.   I can’t very well expect them to go to the dentist regularly if I won’t.  Nor can I expect them to have good experiences at the dentist if I tell them or show them how scared I am.
I knew my first appointment would be a rough one.   They didn’t even clean my teeth because of all the plaque,  they did lots of xrays and the verdict was in.   I needed to come in for a full mouth debridement..I think that’s what it’s called. ..I also was in need of 1 root canal,  2 extractions,  2 crowns and like 18 fillings.   Yup. .. That’s a whole lot of work.   I decided to take a whole new approach to the dentist though. .. make appointments and more importantly keep the appointments.   I got all the crap scraped off my teeth a couple weeks after the initial appointment,  they already could see a vast improvement in my gums because I had started flossing regularly.   A month later 2 extractions and 3 fillings,  a month after that a root canal,  crown and 3 more fillings.   Then about 2 months after that 4 more fillings.

Yesterday I went in for my cleaning.   My second consecutive cleaning at a dentist. . For the first time in my adult life I made appointments and kept every single one, even though I was terrified.

Now I love my dentist.   Slowly but surely my smile is looking amazing.   My kids went 6 months ago too and are due for the next cleaning next week .  They are actually looking forward to it.   Who knew that at 34 I could turn my opinion of dentists around 180 degrees.   Mind over matter. . That’s for sure!

And oh ya,  another 3 miles down for #100milesinmay


Today is the Day

Today is the Day that I start blogging on a regular basis.  The day that I decide to put some effort into this hobby that I really enjoy.  I’m going to start putting it out there, so that other people can read, judge, critique or maybe even benefit from the things that are going on in my life.

Last Monday April 27th, I decided to start #Move100days.  That is that I am going to purposefully move every single day for 100 days in a row.  Then on May 1st, I decided to also start #Move100inMay.  It seemed to just go hand in hand with the other promise I had just made to myself.  It is May 4th, and I have moved each of the last 8 days and so far in may I have moved 12.58 Miles.  I love working out, feeling good about myself, but more than that I love challenges.  I simply love just being able to say that I have accomplished specific goals.

I wake up at 5am most workday mornings, so that I can go to the gym for 30 mins before my husband needs to leave for work and I’m home to get the kids ready for the day.  Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed that early, but usually within the first 5 minutes I’m so happy that I did.  I look at going to the gym as a reward.  A reward to myself, 30 minutes of uninterrupted me time.  I listen to music on my phone and read books on my Ipad while moving on the Arc Trainer.  Some of my friends say, “how do you do all of those things at the same time?”, my only response is that I have to.  It is my ME time, time to read books that I want to read (not childrens books), listen to music that I want to listen to (may contain explicit lyrics) and just get into a zone to do good for my body.  When I start a day like this, there is no stopping me.

Working out in the morning gets my whole day off to a great start.  I want to eat better, drink a lot of water, I’m in a much better mood and I just feel fantastic!  All I’m looking for is to get the best performance out of myself.  I want to be the best me that I can for my family.  They are the best part of me and they deserve to have a happy, healthy wife and mama!!

Happy Monday!  I will see you soon.

If I can do it. .. so can you!

Today I want to start blogging here on a regular basis. About my life as a professional, a mother, a runner and someone who loves a good beer!! This old Blog has re-inspired me.

Making Time For Me

People always say there isn’t enough time. Well I find that to be a load of crap. I am 34 with a husband, at any given time 1 to 6 kids in my house and a full time job.
This month I made a choice to change the way I do things. I quit smoking just over a month ago, but that alone wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to make a conscious effort to be healthier.
I started a new job back in June that isn’t nearly as active as my old job. It was definitely starting to take its toll on the scale and how my clothes were fitting.
On October 1st I started setting my alarm an hour earlier. I now wake up at 6 instead of 7. I jump out of bed and put on my workout clothes. I come downstairs and do at least a…

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If I can do it. .. so can you!

People always say there isn’t enough time.   Well I find that to be a load of crap.   I am 34 with a husband, at any given time 1 to 6 kids in my house and a full time job.
This month I made a choice to change the way I do things.   I quit smoking just over a month ago,  but that alone wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted to make a conscious effort to be healthier.
I started a new job back in June that isn’t nearly as active as my old job.   It was definitely starting to take its toll on the scale and how my clothes were fitting.
On October 1st I started setting my alarm an hour earlier.   I now wake up at 6 instead of 7.  I jump out of bed and put on my workout clothes.   I come downstairs and do at least a 30 minute workout using one of my wii fitness games.   Afterward I get myself and my children up and ready for our day.   We are out the door by 8 at the latest.   Sometimes we are even quick enough that we walk to school instead of drive.
I go to work for 8 hours and then i get the kids from school.   When we get home I make a homemade meal.   Sometimes I am tried and I would rather not,  but its the cheapest and healthiest option for my family.  We all sit down at the table to eat dinner as a family.
I then help the kids with homework,  do laundry and  get the kids bathed.  It is only after all this is done that I sit down to unwind from my day. The kids go to bed by 8pm, we read a bedtime story.  After this I may have 2 hours of relaxing with my hubby.  Then usually go to bed around 10pm.  Yes, I get all of that done and still can get 8 hours of sleep a night!
So. .. there are enough hours in the day.   Stop making excuses about why you can’t cook, can’t exercise,  sit down to eat meals with your family or get enough sleep.  If I can do it,  so can you!

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