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*GIVEAWAY* Writing the Soul: 180 Degree Turn

A month or so ago I was approached to do this post.  I didn’t really know what to expect as I read the words and made sense of what was expected of me.  Tell my story?  What story would I tell?  How would I tell it?  Then it hit me…..the story of Jess and I!

I had the blessed opportunity to work with Nechamie a Personal History Writer.  When I first spoke with her I let her know my idea for the writing.  When I got the OK from her, I reached out to Jess to make sure that she was one board.  Both of us had telephone interviews with Nechamie telling “our side” of the story.  Then Nechamie put all of our words together into this beautiful writing.

Check out the way that Nechamie articulated the story of Jess and I here.

After reading that, who doesn’t have a story to tell??  Would you like to tell your story?  Is there someone else’s story that you are just dying to get out there?  Make a comment on this post and you are entered into a random drawing for $100 off of Nechamie’s services.s  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Tell me what you thought of the writing, tell me what you would use this prize toward. What story would you tell?  Please share this post, you will get another entry into the drawing if you share the post to your readers.

Talking with Nechamie was so effortless and easy.  Just letting the words flow as they did, even if they were all over the place.  She was able to follow them and turn them into this beautiful piece that Jess and I will cherish forever.

For those who are interested in hearing more about mine and Jess’s history or reading the posts that were referred to in the writing there are some links below.

I Know and Thank You

It turns out, I was right!!

Collaboration Between Mom & Stepmom

If you were given the opportunity for someone to tell your story, what story would you tell?


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Making Time For Me….This Time

This past week was full of things that I made time for.  There were a lot that were for me though and it felt fantastic.

I was back in the gym just like I was supposed to be this week, which felt terrific.

I cross-trained like a crazy person.  I got 3 yards of pea gravel delivered and spread it throughout my backyard.  Creating a patio as well as covering a giant chunk of our yard that gets water logged due to big tree roots.

I got in a ton of steps, some heavy lifting, quality time with my kids, plus these big patches of my back yard are no longer giant mud pits!!

I ran outside yesterday.  I was going to run 3 miles.  Closing in on the end of 2 miles though, I felt spent.  I looked at my Map My Run and it turns out I had gone 2 miles in 17 mins.  That is a 8.5 minute mile…yea….that is not my normal pace.  I typically run a 10 min mile.  So, I closed in on home and made breakfast for my family.

Things were a little different in the household this weekend.  James and Jordan stayed with Matt and Jess on Friday.  Jess had picked them and Noah up from school on Friday as a favor for me because I had a work event.  (Thanks Jess)

Noah and I didn’t get home until about 830 on Friday night and I asked him if he wanted to sleep in bed with me. Paul had driven down to Ohio to see Sienna’s dance competition. It was just Noah and I for Friday evening and until mid-afternoon on Saturday.

When we woke up Saturday morning I asked Noah if he wanted to go out to breakfast. He said yes.  We invited my dad and we tried a restaurant that I had wanted to go to for a long time.  It was delicious.  I got Corn Con Queso Benedict….OMG!!


Later on Saturday afternoon Paul, Noah and I went to our favorite brewery.  Spent a little time relaxing and having a couple beers.

We finished all the work in the backyard yesterday.  All the pea gravel is off my drive way!  Then just as we were finishing up, my Dad called to invited us to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  A couple beers and some great wings…a great pay off for a job well done!!

How Did You Make Time for You??



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Tuesday is for Transformation

I’m not going to share all my numbers with you right now,  as that seems of little importance.   Lol… only because nothing has changed. 

Although,  that in and of itself can be cause for celebration.   I haven’t been working out very regularly over the last 2 months.   I also haven’t been paying particular attention to what I eat. 

I got back on the wagon yesterday.   Stepped on the scale and took my measurements to know what my May 1st starting point was. 

I’m still 10 pounds down for 2017 and I’m 20+ inches down.   So,  I’m starting with that and going from there. 

My half marathon training for Love Runs has an intense schedule with very few rest days.   I’ve trained for halves before and did 4 training days and 3 rest days every week.   That worked for me.   So,  instead of beating myself up for not doing 6 or 7 days of training every day,  I am just saying that I choose to do it differently.   Under a plan that works for me. 

To look at my body all I want for my body is for the loose skim around my stomach to get a little tighter.   I know that will come as I’m training my inside to be strong enough to run 13.1 miles.   Then who knows,  maybe I’ll be brave enough to sign up for a while 26.2 after that. 

Transformation is what you make it.   In 2017 I’ve been living a life of the Law of Attraction.   I’ve been modeling what I want my life to be,  living the life I want and putting that in the forefront of my mind on the daily.   That is the real transformation!!

How have you been transforming in 2017?

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Reblog: Tell Me Something Good #55

Let’s do this. Let’s kick off this week with a positive thought. By sharing something good, something that made you happy or you are looking forward to . It’s easy: Mention something that you consider being good in the comments Or write a post about it on your blog (please don’t forget the pingback […]

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Making Time For Myself

I don’t remember the last time that I posted on a Monday morning!!  So, I guess right there is one way that I have already managed to make time for me today 🙂

My husband has said to me numerous times in our marriage “you don’t do these things for us, you do them for you.”  Well there is some truth to that.  I do “them”, meaning laundry, cleaning, cooking, organizing, bills, listening to stories, well…just managing my household because I think that everyone will be happy, healthier, taken care of….etc.

They don’t specifically ask me to make breakfast every day, they don’t specifically ask me to clean their clothes (though they sure will ask where something is if it isn’t clean), they don’t ask me to do the grocery shopping (though they notice when the cupboards are getting bare), see where I am going here?  They like to tell me that I do it for me, but they know that if I didn’t do it 1. They would miss it and 2. NO ONE ELSE WOULD, until it was too late.

I have spent the majority of my last week taking care of those in my household.  Making time for them, which if what my husband says is true, is also a way of making time for me.

Paul, my husband broke his leg last Saturday taking our 8 year old roller skating.  He is in a walking boot and on crutches.  So, when he comes down stairs for the day, he sits on the couch and only moves to go to the bathroom.  That means, a million steps around our house for water, food, kleenex, etc.

Noah, my youngest son got his tonsils out on Wednesday.  So making sure that he gets enough to drink, eat, take his medicine, has his cuddles and his throat is healing properly has been another thing added to my agenda.  Making time for them, in turn, making time for me.

However, I do go to Kohl’s 3 times last week.  They were having a big sale.  I bought everyone new shoes and shorts for the summer.  I bought two sets of sheets for our bed, which we needed desperately.  I even bought myself some VANS, a brand of shoe that I wore back in the 8th grade and they are super cute.  As a result of all those trips, I have $50 in Kohl’s cash that I can go back and spend this week!

Saturday I woke up and late in bed next to my hubby.  He told me multiple times this weekend, thank you for taking care of all of us!  I looked up at him and said, “will you be OK if I go for a run?”  Then I got dressed, got my Podcast on my phone and hit the pavement.  I ran 3 miles outside for the first time in I don’t know how long and it felt fantastic.

I am getting back on the wagon today.  Eating better, smoothie for breakfast, exercised this morning and keeping my goals in sight!  I had to buy a new planner so I bought The Happy Planner which is so cute, I bought the fitness addition.  So the weekly calendar is divided into meals and exercise.  Goals, how much water and then of course the cute little stickers that go with!

Happy Monday to you.  Make it a great day!!!

How Are you Making Time For You?

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Love Runs


This year I am running the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon on Sunday October 15th.  I am doing something that I haven’t done before and that is fundraising for a run that I am participating.  It gives a new goal, a new drive and a new purpose behind my running.

Here is a little bit about Love Runs:

Love Runs is raising money to fight Human Trafficking.

Michigan currently ranks 2nd worst in the nation behind Nevada, and we used to be first and worst!  Claiming Michigan is pure rings hollow until we end the contamination of human trafficking.

Modern-Day Epidemic of Slavery

Every 30 seconds, Human Trafficking claims a new victim.  Children of all ages and backgrounds, including some of the most affluent, are being hijacked into a living Hell of physical, sexual and emotional exploitation, and torture…all around us.

If you feel so inclined and moved by this organization, I encourage you to make a donation.

Here is the link to my fundraising page:


Thank you for taking a minute to read about this organization.  I look forward to meeting and exceeding my fundraising goals!

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I’ve been Making Time For Me

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have written on here.  I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you.

Sorry that I have been MIA, I mean, maybe you haven’t even noticed.  Moving sure does take a lot out of girl.  Longer commutes in the morning because the kids are still in the old school district, so I drive them all the way to school and then drive myself to work. Making a triangle every day instead of a straight line.  Then I go back and get them before I head home for the evening.

This means when my husband wakes up in the morning, I have been having to hop in the shower right after he hops out.  Which wasn’t the case before.  My whole routine has been thrown off.

Well tomorrow, May 1st, that changes.  I am training for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon and I am really, really excited about it.  I was supposed to start training last Monday.  Well then, my husband Paul went and broke his leg, plus Noah got his tonsils out on Wednesday.  Needless to say, my priorities were in taking care of them, not starting my training.

However, yesterday morning I woke up, looked at my husband and said “You OK if I go for a run?”  He encouraged me to.  I took my time getting all my things together, making sure that I was prepared.  After all this would be my first run outside in YEARS.  My training for yesterday was to go out for 30 minutes.  Run 2 minutes, walk 1.  Well….I ran 2.5 miles and walked .5.  My first time out in years and I completed a 5K without batting an eyelash.  I did it in under 35 minutes, with a pace of less than 12 mins a mile.  At my best I did a 5K right around 30 minutes and have just under a 10 minute mile.  I guess that means that I am doing pretty OK.

It was the first 5K that I have ever done as a non-smoker.  Chances are really good that had a lot to do with the zero struggle!  It was also the first time running any kind of a distance in my new running shoes.  My feet didn’t hurt at all.  We will see if they can keep up as the distance increases.

The point of all this is that the next 24 weeks are full of training for me.  Getting back to waking up early to go to the gym or head outside for some miles before the hubs has to leave for work.  Which should then naturally mean that I end up on here more often.

For those who wonder or care, some how through this whole thing I have been able to maintain my weight at 160lbs, I am not sure how.  So, I am still down 10 for the year and look forward to crushing through the next few pounds quickly as this training gets underway.

OH…also in case you wondered…Jess and I have been working on something amazing together that we look forward to sharing with you soon!  We are doing great too!  I get asked all the time if we are good, so I just want to put that out there.

I hope that today, which is Sunday here in Michigan, treats you all well!


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Teenage Spotlight: 4/22

I would like to start it from my family so the family except so much from you in your academics but you can’t make it all the time. I am a 17 years old teen and my mind is confused like anything. I do not have much friends in my life because sometimes I don’t feel like communicating with anyone and people don’t like this in me! and I really don’t know it is normal or not. I do have a boyfriend and he understands me a lot but I’m the one who always makes things complicated. In this small age I’ve seen so much things which I shouldn’t that is why I’m not like other teens who live in their dreams and don’t know about anything in real world. things are complicated with me I’m doing medical but sometimes I feel I should drop this idea but my family won’t allow me so I’m going with the flow. I don’t know what should I do or I’m just overthinking. I do get anxiety attacks sometimes and nobody knows about this. for me being a teen sucks I don’t know but I feel like this. and I found everything so negative. maybe I’m depressed or what I don’t know but I’m fed up and want to go somewhere far!

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Teenage Spotlight 4:15

What it is like being a teen in 2017 …
I always had this idea in my head, since the beginning; that I would be an adult, I would feel it once I wasnt a teenager anymore. Iimagined myself being confident, wearing makeup, high heels, holding a handbag, having no more acne. 
However coming near the end of my teenage years, I realise that it isn’t the case, I now have small scars of acne, I might be a bit more confident than I was a few years ago but I still wear no make up and still carry around a backpack. This shows that teenage years don’t necessarily change who you are but is there to make you understand who you truly are.
Being a teenager is a huge phase in our life, it’s like this obstacle everybody has to go through to get to the next step in life, which is adulthood. 
Of course, just like everything else in life, it has its’ ups and downs. However for me, being a bit unsociable and having no self esteem made it very hard. 
My teenage years were spent in a french school, surrounded by mainly french people, so I don’t know if it would have been different if I had been in another country but during my entire life; especially during my teen years, I’ve always felt that I was different from others. It was only recently, I figured out that many people felt the same as I did. I thought I was different because I didn’t have the same nationality as everybody else, the same skin tone, the same style, humour. These are the main reasons why I was always so afraid to talk. I thought that if I opened my mouth, people would judge me and I was afraid they would find out I was different from everybody else. But the thing is, not talking made things worse. 
And as it is 2017, there are now so many social medias and you can’t ‘not have either Facebook or Instagram’. I mean, I might be exaggerating a little; of course you can, but if you’re often hanging out with a group, there’s a high chance they might have a group chat and you’d always be lost when they talk about something they mentioned in the chat the day before, or there might be a conversation in the group about a trendy video on Facebook or something but you would have absolute no idea of what they are talking about and might feel a bit left out of the group. And of course you can’t just create an account; people will judge you if you don’t have enough friends saying you’re unsociable or the opposite if you have too many, then you’re desperate. On Instagram, you can’t just HAVE an account, you actually have to maintain it, you have to post photos. And those photos aren’t simply photos, they are what represent who you are to others who don’t know you. 
In 2017, but I suppose it was the same for other generations, living a teen life is living a life of appearance and judgement. 
It is only after you pass that phase that you realize you were the one putting all the pressure on yourself. There was a solution all along but you ignored it, which was to ‘not care of what others think’. Because people will always judge you, even in the next phase, it even started in kindergarten but you were too young to realize it.


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Teenage Spotlight: 4/8

For me, becoming a teen was like getting up in the middle of the night and groping around in the dark to find the kitchen, not totally sure what to do once I got there but hoping it would come to me when I arrived. I’m  groggy. I’m lost in my own house. Everything I thought I knew, I wasn’t sure about anymore–the things I trusted might be out to get me. “Is this really where the chair– *crash* Yep! Oh, well, I’ll put a cast on that tomorrow…” Doors that were open before are now closed–and I have a few bruises to prove it. Speaking of closed doors, right now I have a letter sitting next to me from my favorite college. I’m back to square one. No, scratch that. Square negative three. Back to babysitting for another year?
My story has not followed the rules. From the beginning, it was rocky. Literally, the first chapter started out on a mountain in Slovakia! I was too scared to ski down the thing, so I slid down on my butt. Another great metaphor for how I’ve proceeded through life!
But back to the rockiness: I returned to my homeland four months or so later and wasn’t able to move back into my house for two months after that! As if all the instability you feel at that age isn’t enough! But don’t get me wrong. Most of the memories from that year were good ones! The ski slope continued to descend from there.
Fourteen…actually, I don’t remember much. I was settled back on the farm. I had started homeschool again. (Yes, I got to socialize with my friends more than you. Get over it. LOL)
By fifteen, I had reached my peak height of 5′ 1/2″. (Don’t tell me the 1/2″ doesn’t matter! It does!) I was a little chunky, and a little depressed because I internalized all my problems so that they played like a broken record in my head, yet I denied their existence. “Problems” is a teen code word for “I have a crush and I don’t even know what that means and he doesn’t like me plus he lives like 7,000 miles away”. (Well, maybe the last part doesn’t apply to everybody.) After writing a full-length adventure novel for therapy, I got over it.
Sixteen actually went pretty smoothly. It was the part of the midnight quest where I had found the open space of the living room. There was carpet under my feet. I had a general sense of direction: forward. On the way, I might have begun to make some goals. “Maybe I’ll get a glass of water once I get to this place I can’t see. If I’m feel peckish, I might look for a cookie too.”
Then 17 hit. The best way to describe it is fireworks. Sudden. Powerful. Beautiful, but they can create some nasty smoke. There’s always that risk of everything going wrong. And just like the riverside fireworks show in my town, you never know if you’re watching the finale.
The month of my 17th started with the worst day of my life. I will never be the same after trying to dispose of what was left my favorite sheep, Cola, who had died, caught in the fencing at the water’s edge, had rotted there overnight, and then was torn apart by coyotes. A lesson in responsibility. The next day was the anniversary of my return to America, but now July 3rd became the best day for another reason: I said yes to the 14-year-old that had asked to “court” me. What’s courting, you ask? I have no idea, honestly. Still don’t. But it sure was great. I was never so happy–or so skinny! We became friends. Not to brag, but I know enough about his life to know that I was the best friend he ever had. And we never even so much as hugged each other. The dream went on for nearly a year. Then, the finale. Here’s the sweetened and condensed version: we held hands, everything went haywire with our parents. I took my parents’ side, he took theirs. Our anniversary was the last time he spoke to me. He said, “Excuse me.”
Eight months or so later, I’m still reeling. I’m chunky again, but hopefully not for long. I may have made it to the kitchen now–I’m technically an adult. But all the drinking glasses are dirty and the cookie jar is empty. I guess I have to keep sliding down the ice. Maybe someday someone will turn on the light for me, pull me to my feet. No matter my age, that will be the day I am no longer a teen.
Dear MTFM, I hope you enjoyed my story, whether you decide to post it or not! I have just started a blog called “It’s Me Again”. Feel free to mention it! 😉 https://itsmeagain2017.wordpress.com/
I’m also on Twitter! My handle is Dustypewriter.