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Ten Minutes on Doors 2/12

When one door closes another door opens.

What if you aren’t looking and paying attention to those doors though?

Sometimes, it is very easy.  A relationship ends…door closed and down the road a door will open to start a new one.  We interview for a job and it doesn’t go the way we want, door closed, but we will get a call about our resume again soon.

What doors do you want to have open for you?  Talk to God and tell him.  Are there doors that you also want to make sure that he shows you are closed?  Write that too.

All of this stuff is kind of like the birthday wish when you blow out your candles.  I don’t want to say any of it out loud, because what if it doesn’t work?

Every morning, I pray on my businesses.  I pray that I am called to make one big gesture or move that will change things dramatically as far as Young Living is concerned.  All I hear from God though is to be patient, to take it one day at a time.  That in time it will all be as it is supposed to and it will be that much sweeter.

I need to remember to purposefully put time into that business, even with having a 9-5, a myriad of children, a home, a husband and countless other things on my plate.  Treat it like a hobby and it will be a hobby, treat it like a business it will grow like a business.  I do believe that this is true.

When I am ready, it is there.  It is there for me to put as much time and effort as I feel I am capable of.  Just like everything else in my life.  I have a lot here, all around me that I am ever so grateful for.  I feed those as I find them important and I am deciding to feed the relationship with my husband and my children the most right now.

I am praying to God to show me which doors he wants closed for me to open up the Young Living door,  the being a momtrepreneur door a little wider.  I need to be able to see where the time can come from.  I have been praying and I believe that I know what it is.  I just need a bit more of a clearer sign!

Thanks be to God.


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Ten Minutes: Brave in My Life

What is one way I am being brave in my life?

Daring to think outside the box.  Daring to leave all that I know for what I believe I need.

Thinking of leaving the comfort in order to receive the joy.

It was like this once before.  I dared to dream and be where I never thought that I wanted to be.  I dared to stay, to do what I wanted to do.  Then, I was alone.

I wouldn’t lose myself this time.  I wouldn’t lose those around me this time either.  The support and companionship is much different this time around.  Plus, you can’t live life being scared of your past, right?

I want to be there before, during and after.  I want to help in whatever way I can, without feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  I want to enjoy my time with them instead of being stressed out to the max ALL THE TIME.

I am missing my opportunity, before you know it….it will be gone.  I have been praying on this and God has told me numerous times that this will be the right choice.  That he will have my back and that we will make sure that all is well.

It will take bravery, it will take courage, strength and a lot of grace!  I am confident in myself in my abilities now more than ever though!  I GOT THIS ❤

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Ten Minutes to DREAM

What dream is in your heart that you haven’t seen God do for you yet?

There are a lot of dreams on my heart right now.  Things that I have been talking to God about, been brave enough to talk to God about since the first of the year.

I have often thought, I am already so lucky, what right do I have to ask for anything more?  Then I read something earlier this year that said…what does that mean?  Because you have been blessed, because you have known God’s grace and beauty you don’t have the right to talk about what you are still dreaming of?

I am 37 years old and I hope to be on this planet for no less than 37 more.  If I can’t allow myself to dream, that what would I still be doing here?

My 5 year old son is struggling in Kindergarten.  I honestly don’t even understand it.  I am not one of those Mom’s who thinks my kid is perfect, I promise you that I don’t.  I mean I love that little man, but he drives me absolutely bat shit crazy in a way that none of his siblings ever has.

He is a stubborn little mule, he is extremely intelligent, but still somehow channels his inner baby multiple times a day.  It is infuriating.

The e-mails from his teacher have become more frequent.  Concerned about his immaturity and inability to stay on task.  This is honestly something I was not prepared for when we made the decision to enroll him in Kindergarten last year.  It literally never occurred to me that he wouldn’t just sit and do his work.

I pray to God for him every single day.  I pray that whatever he needs just clicks so that he can choose to stay on task.  That he realizes when he does his work, he still gets his play.

This Wednesday we are 100 days into the school year.  Which means, we are just over half way through the year.  He can make it through right?  I mean there is hope that the switch will flip and he everything will make sense to him, right?

My dream is that my youngest son will soar through school.  Even if that looks different then what I think it should.  My dream is that he will go in one day in the very near future and see things differently.  That his teacher will notice a change and I will receive an e-mail about all the positive instead of the negative.  My dream is that Noah was meant to be in Kindergarten to teach his teacher and his friends something.  That even though he is the youngest in his class, he was ready to be there.

Furthermore, my dream is that God answers my prayer of understanding how I can parent my baby better.  Have more patience, grace and ability to understand where he is coming from.

Praise be to God!



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Thursday’s Ten 2/8

Be Brave

The devotional that I have been reading each morning is called 100 days to brave.  At the end of today’s devotion it says

Be Brave: Finish this sentence: I am significant because _______________________________,

and here are the three ways that impact my life _______________________________________.

Well how in the world do I answer that question??  I can’t even begin to start my direction to fill in those blanks.

It’s not that I don’t feel significant, because I surely do.  I know that I am here for a reason, that I have purpose.  I know that what I do is important and who I do it with and for are even more important.  But, why am I significant?  That is such a big word.

Upon googling here is what significant means: “sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.”  Thank you google dictionary.

I am answering based on what has been on my heart for the last 5 or 6 weeks.  I am filling in those blanks to line up with most of the things I have been praying for in 2018. The words that I want to use, and after all I am the one that gets to choose right?

I am significant because I work to do what is best for my children.

Three ways this impacts my life: I get emotional when something goes “wrong” for them or with them.  When I get notes from a teacher about their behavior, when they argue with me and act like they hate me.

I blame myself when their behavior isn’t what it should be.  Did I do something wrong?  Could I have done more of this or less of that?  I am constantly thinking about how what I am doing could be effecting them and if I made the right choices or not.

I stay home when I could go out.  More often than not, I choose being with my kids above all else.  Want to come over for pizza and wine?  Nope, all 6 kids are home.  Want to go out for a girls night?  No, I am just going to spend time with the kids.

Eventually I won’t have the time that I do with my children.  I try (key word is try) to think about that during all facets of my life and theirs.  One day they won’t be here for the snuggles and the cuddles, one day they won’t need me to help with their math and to dry their tears, one day they won’t be yelling at my about nonsense or stomping off because I am the “meanest mom ever”.

I am significant because I work to do what is best for my children.  I sure hope that will be the legacy that I leave in this life.

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Ten Minutes Wednesday 2/7

This picture came up in my Time Hop yesterday and I love it so very much.  Then, today in my devotion is was about talking to God and listening to God.

Well, about 15 months ago now, November of 2016, my husband and I had finally got approved for a mortgage.  We had been working for that for a long time.  Paying off debt and improving our careers so that all of the stars would align and finally someone would take a chance on us.

We qualified for an FHA (first-time home buyers here).  Which meant that we only need 3.5% down, but when you have nothing in your bank account, even 3.5% is a lot of money.  Plus you still need the money for the in good faith deposit (up front) plus the money for the inspection.  Well we were able to get the money we needed up front and continued on.

During the inspection we found a couple of things that we thought should be fixed, but 1 big thing that we knew the FHA inspector would demand be fixed before we moved it.  It just would depend if the sellers or us would have to pay for it.  Well when we asked the Sellers to take care of it, we didn’t get the best response.

As we were getting the response back from the sellers, I was sitting at my parents dining room table talking to my Dad.  He had concerns.  If we didn’t know where we were getting our 3.5% from, was this really the right move for us?  It was nearing Christmas and we couldn’t spend a single dollar.  My husband had really “settled” for this house.  It was in the right area and it had the right amount of bedrooms, but he wasn’t a huge fan.  We took all of this as a sign and we walked away from the house.

We went through the holidays in our rental.  And about a week after the New Year, Paul and I went to a funeral for a close friend.  We found out then, that our friend had left us money for a down payment for a home.  How did he know?  Why did he think that we were worth of his money?

It didn’t matter.  Paul and I made a pact that we would then start looking at houses…seriously.  Not making an offer on a house just to get our of our rental.  But, finding the right house, the house that spoke to the both of us and said “I am your Home”.  I found a house searching on the internet, it had just been placed on the market and I knew it was the perfect fit for our family.

I talked to our realtor right away and I went and saw it.  They were having an open house the following day, but I had to work.  So, I went to see it on a Friday and then Paul took the kids to see it during the open house on Saturday.

It was amazing and it was the house we needed.  Without hesitation we called our realtor that night and put an offer on it.  It was a long 72 hours, but we finally found out that they had accepted our offer 3 days later.  Our house was going to be our home.

All the prayers that I had said to God back in November, well he heard them.  He held them.  He even spoke to me and told me that house wasn’t right for us and that it would be OK if we walked away.  A couple months later he brought us the answers.

I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble and I was just walking through the store later that same week.  I couldn’t settle on a book that I wanted.  After roaming around for a bit, I had to go to the bathroom.  I walked to the back of the store and as I was walking back up the center aisle, this wooden sign was on a shelf.

“Be patient.  Our prayers are always answered.  But not always on the exact day we’d like them to be.”  I knew that this was what I should spend my gift card on and it needed to be displayed.  This wooden sign is sitting in our front room on top of our curio cabinet.  I am constantly reminded that this house is the answer to a prayer that was answered later than I wanted it to be!

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Tuesday’s 10

“God Is Who He Says He Is” Day 20 of 100 Days to brave!

“You are deeply loved and called to be courageous by a God who is perfect and perfectly trustworthy.”

This was my devotion for this morning!

Before I open my eyes in the morning, I pray for all the things that I can think of.  I have done this every single morning since the beginning of 2018.  It is a most extraordinary exercise.

It brings my head to a space of Thanks and starts my day out on a grateful note.

This morning, I remembered to pray over my business in those first words with God of the day.  I asked him to give me the courage to do the things that I need to do in order to grow.  To give me the strength to be patient and watch this beautiful business grow from the fruits of my labor.  Even if I can’t see the growth for a month, or two or twelve.

I prayed to him to give me strength to have faith that things can change and even though that is scary, I know he has my back.   God put these things on my heart, he brought them to me.  Not because he said that they were going to be easy, but because he knew that I was supposed to do them.

All of these steps that I am taking are to teach me different lessons.  Patience being the first one, I believe.  I am not good at being patient, I want what I want and I want it now.  Kind of like a toddler, I have a difficult time delaying my gratification.  God knows that I need to work on this a bit and I believe that is what is happening right now.

On my way into work I listen to a podcast by Annie F. Downs, called “That Sounds Fun”.  I only just found out about this podcast a few weeks ago, so I am catching up from the beginning in 2015.  Yesterday I listened to episode 12 from 05/11/2016: Christy Wright & Business Boutique.  I hadn’t ever heard of Christy Wright before yesterday morning, though now I will find her on Amazon and probably buy a book or two, because that is what I do.

Christy was talking about women.  Women leading, starting their own businesses and doing life the way that women do….with feelings.  She said something that really hit me and caused me to pull out my note book and pen while driving so that I could write it down.  “Unapologetically stepping into my gifts.”

In 2018 that is what I am doing.  Discovering myself a little more, digging a little deeper and praying more often so that I can have a clear sense of what my gifts are.  Then I am using those gifts to do all the things I had ever imagined in the way that God is calling me to!

Happy Day!


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Ten Minutes on Monday 2/5

Before I opened my eyes this morning I prayed.  I prayed to God for our relationship, I prayed for my husband, my children, my home, our jobs and the vehicles that get us to our jobs.  I thanked God for the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch my 7th Super Bowel, with chili and Hopslam, alongside my husband.

Prayed to him about allowing us to be called to support a fundraiser by buying some superbowl squares.  Putting money into the unknown and more than likely not seeing it again, but it was for a good cause.  Well, due to missed field goals and extra points…some how the score ended with 2-2 at the half and we won a square!  We weren’t optimistic going into the game with those numbers.

Thanks Be to God!

Then I went downstairs and made the coffee and packed my husband’s lunch like I always do.  Not because I “have” to or because he can’t do it himself, but because I get to and I can and I like to take care of him!

I made my way back up to bed with my coffee in hand.  I pulled my devotional out of the bedside drawer.  100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs, I recommend it and I recommend her!  I had never heard of her before a few weeks ago.  Then someone I follow on Instagram posted the book and I was intrigued.  I am 20 days into the 100 days of devotion and I have been listening to her podcast in the morning on the way to work “That Sounds Fun”.  You know what, she sounds fun.  I would like to meet her.

Anyway, my devotion today was about Faith!  Faith means being sure, certain.  I have faith in God, I always have.  I was raised in the church.  Although, I do not go every week like I did when I was a kid, church is still my second home.  I have never questioned my faith, not for one second.

I learned more, read more and prayed.  I have discovered new things and understood in new ways.  Honestly though, I do not remember a time that I questioned his existence.  It is just something that I know, in my heart I know that he is here.

That all being said, 2018 has certainly brought my relationship with God to a whole other level.  I pray multiple times a day and I can’t remember a time in my life where that happened consistently.  Where I made it part of my daily ritual and routine.  It is now though and I feel like it gets my day started right.

I have been reading my devotional, which I love and makes me think about things that I may not otherwise.  Without realizing it, nearly every book I have read this year have had some steering toward God.  Then there is the Young Living Organization that has called me, and that strengthened my relationship with God in a way that I didn’t know would happen at 37.

“You Gotta Have Faith.”  Faith in God, Faith that things happen for a reason, Faith that you are here for a purpose ,Faith that you will find the answers and Faith that if you need to ask God to increase your Faith he will.

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10 Minutes 2/4

I’m reading the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho!

I am about 2/3 the way through the book.  A few pages ago I read this “When you want something all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

I have believed this for quite some time.  If you are thinking of it, then you will be able to see all the little ways in your life that are pointing you toward what you are trying to achieve.

You will be open to the roads that will lead you there, the opportunities for you to say “yes” or “no” to.  Making plans that allow those paths to open up will be easier, because you will be so focused.  All that you do will be in an effort to get you to where you want to go.

That is if you are intentional.  I told a friend this morning about a plan that I have.  I didn’t set out to have a conversation with her about it, but more just came up naturally as a part of our conversation.

She said “I had no idea”.  I didn’t expect her to, how could she have known when I hadn’t said anything previously.  However, when she reached out this morning with a good deal to purchase some items that normally I would be interested in.  I simply said thank you for the heads up, but I am trying not to spend money on those kinds of things right now.

Then I proceeded to tell her of my thoughts, the things that I had been praying about and what I knew that I needed/wanted for myself.  So, I was working to make sure that I got there.

My friend then said this to me “In my prayers.  Sounds like a great plan and I sure hope that it works out for you!  I have great confidence that it will!  When you put your mind to something, you always reach your goal.  Your determination is amazing!”

What a wonderful thing to hear from my lifelong friend!  I can see everything pointing in that direction of what I want!  The law of attraction, right?  If you believe it, you certainly can achieve it.  If you are intentional in your plan, then it can come to fruition.  Ask yourself if the decisions you are making are taking you toward where you want to go?

Being thankful for all that I have in the beautiful life, praying more to God in 2018 then I have probably prayed in 10 years…including pregnancies and divorce.  But…I know that in my relationship with him, he will guide me toward what it is that he has in store for me.  Devotions, talking with him and really listening/paying attention to the signs from him are taking me right where I need to be going.

Prayer and Love!

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Saturday 2/3 10 Minutes

I have a dream for myself in 2018.  That dream is to be my own boss.  That dream is to do all the things that I have always known that I could do, while being the person that I always knew that I could be.

After signing up for Norwex and for Young Living in the fall, I decided that I needed to come up with a brand with a name that I could really get behind.  Well, Just Use Oil and Water is the product of that.  I thought about it very intentionally and wanted to make sure that the words encompassed what I was trying to get across.  I believe that I achieved it.

I started keeping all of the paperwork that had anything to do with my business (because Taxes) and the idea of pulling all of those things together worked today for my Tax Return.

It would be too personal to give you exact amounts, but I can tell you that having “my own business” changed my tax return/amount owed drastically.  Enough to give me some significant heart palpitations.  LOL!!  If you really pay attention and keep track, there is so much that you can write off for your business.

Without having to do the calculations, even software like TaxAct will do the calculations for you.  Using a room in your home solely for tax purposes…cool it will calculate the percentage of that square footage for your rent, your utilities, your insurance….and it goes on and on.  Miles driven, meals purchases, incentives, giveaways, mailings….you got it, just keep track of it.  That new computer…your new printer, your cell phone bill!

It really pays to invest in yourself, that is all that I am saying.  The prayers that were said to come to the conclusion that this was a good move were me, have been answered exponentially in the relationships and the health benefits that I feel, but today…today they were felt in a different capacity.

That is what is on my mind this morning and as I am exploring this new type of writing, I am really appreciate putting whatever I want to out there without feeling like it “has” to be something.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Ten Minutes on a Friday

I am really enjoying my Ten Minute posts.  They get my day started on the right foot.  Well, in all honestly I must say I have been up for an hour and a half already.  Here is what is on my mind though.

I read a book called Oola Balance a few weeks ago.  I have been reading a lot so far in 2018.  Well, after I finished the book I could sign up for a 21 day Oola Challenge.  A way to hold myself accountable to keeping the balance in my life.  I get an e-mail every morning and it tells me what my challenge for the day is.

Yesterday, my challenge was to “right a wrong”, reach out to someone and make amends.  I wasn’t sure who it was that I should reach out to.  I really couldn’t think of someone that I was currently on the outs with that I needed to talk to.  However, my ex-husband popped into my head.

As I have been reading all these encouraging, self-discovery, self-growth books this year, I realize that I was a crazy person.  Ok, maybe AM a crazy person.  I have just reigned it in a little more over the years…I think.  I text my ex and said I am doing this balance challenge…blah blah so go with me here.

“I’m doing a life balance challenge and today my challenge was to right a wrong. You pooped into my head.  So, please go with me here.  I’m sorry for hurting you.  I’m sorry for the months, years of crazy where I was constantly taking all things out on you.  I’m sorry for treating you so poorly and excusing it for too long because of our past.  I’m really glad that we are where we have come in our communication and relationship.  But, I know that I never, gave you the apology you deserved.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Hope you have a good day.”

Just a few short minutes later I got a text back from him that said “Thanks, I appreciate that.”  It was all that was needed.  7 1/2 years of holding on to that.  Then I thought about when I was seeing the therapist a couple years back and she had asked me to write a letter to Matt.  Well…I did…needless to say, it wasn’t nice.  It was still very accusatory.  My therapist never told me not to give it to Matt, but she asked multiple times…”is that what you want to give to him?”  It was all just an exercise and there was no letter that I was actually going to give to him.

Yesterday though I realized, I was giving him my letter.  But this letter had transformed, had changed, it had matured.  I have matured and been able to see things from a different point of view.  A point of view that for so many years I had closed myself off to.

The thing is, I am thankful that he was the person who came to mind to “right the wrong with.”  We have a lifetime together, though in a completely different way then when we set out on this journey.  We still will be in each other’s lives forever.  Life is too short.  I am only sorry that I couldn’t come to this true realization earlier.  But, it is OK…at least I made my way there.