Time For Marriage #Thisis38

Do you make enough time for your marriage?  The time that you get just the two of you to reconnect?  To actually talk to each other, hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes?

Paul and I may not get out on our own as often as we would like, but we do make this time.  We go on vacation just the two of us every 2 years.  It is something that we have made a priority in our relationship.  Vacation without the kids where we can do grown up things and we really get a chance to talk to each other, learn from each other and grow with each other.

Often times our “date” days have little people.  That is also something that we don’t mind and it is what works for us.  We still do the things that we like to do and we have brought our kids along enough that they look forward to some of our outings as well.

At a minimum Paul and I get a couple of hours together, just us every night.  The kids have a bedtime, that I am fairly strict about.  Even the older ones, they may stay awake up in their room for a bit, but they need to start winding down for the day.

The other rule that we have is no kids allowed in our bed.  That time is for mom and dad.  Sometimes we lay up and talk for hours.  Sometimes about nonsense, but sometimes about really hard topics.  Our bed is the spot where we get to be husband and wife every single day with no interruptions.  When life gets busy and there is a lot on our plates, we at least make time to meet each other there.  Going to bed at the same time, going through our ritual “love you’s” and “good-nights”, and cuddling together.

In your marriage or relationship, how do you continue to make time?




I shopped and delivered my 400th SHIPT order today. Very grateful for this job ❤

Best Life: Week 2

Well, we are now 2 full weeks into the new year. Which means I am 2 full weeks into being on the wagon.

What does it mean to be on the wagon?  No beer, low-carbs, not-smoking and working out every day.  Also, things that help with my mental health like writing and reading every day.

So….here are the numbers.  Starting numbers are from morning of January 2nd, 2019 are listed first.  Current numbers are from about 2 minutes ago and are listed second!

Weight 168.8 down to 160.8.

Hips 41″ down to 39″.

Waist 39″ down to 36″.

Bust 40″ down to 36.25″.

Thighs 24″ down to 22.5″.

That means as of today, I am down 8 lbs for the year and a total of 10/25 inches.  To me the inches are much more important than the weight.  It seems that somehow no matter how much weight I gain, it spreads itself out enough that I can continue to wear the same clothes.  Albeit, the clothes fit and feel much different, but I can still wear them.  In the last couple of weeks, my clothes have started to fit much better.  Thanks Goodness!

At 38 years old, I am feeling so fabulous on my insides.  Inspired, Energized and Content!  This round of Keto has been easier than previous rounds.  I think because I am fully on board, but second because I am getting creative with recipes instead of making the same things over and over!  I have been working with flavors, so that our meals leave nothing to be desired.  We are left feeling full and happy.  Ultimately most days we are fasting between 8pm and 11am or 12pm, which I think is really working well for us.

I really hope that everyone is crushing whatever goals they had for themselves in 2019. Comment below and let me know your successes so far this year!  Haven’t started yet?  Well….what are you waiting for?


Dedicate: Grace

Just in the last couple of years, I have been fascinated by the idea of Grace.  I have been known to be really hard on other people, but no more than I am hard on my ownself (this should be a word).

Today my yoga practice was about grace.  Allowing some for yourself.  Not just to be graceful in your movements, but to give yourself grace if the poses and movements don’t look like you think that they should.

This needs to follow me through my day, through the week and inward to the year ahead.  Giving myself grace if the movements don’t look like I thought they should.  Giving others grace when they do things differently then I had pictured!

Where do you need Grace in your life?



What We Love #Thisis38

My Devotion this morning finished with this questions.  What is it that God made you to love??

The answer to that is children.  Mine, of course.  Then my niece’s, nephew’s and friend’s children.  I have had multiple jobs where children were the center of my work.  Working at 2 child care centers, being the children’s ministry coordinator at my church and lastly being a facilitator at a nearby non-profit that focused on children 0-5.

God put me on this earth to love children.  When I was 16 I never had that internal guide telling me that I was too young to be a Mom.  I mean, I knew that I shouldn’t until I was in love, married and ready to settle down, obviously!  Though, from 16 I was ready to be a Mom, ask my best friend.

By my mid 20’s I had been working in the Early Education field for 4+ years and still wanted to be a mother.  Even with being with 2 year old’s, 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  I made a declaration to my parents that if I didn’t find someone to settle down with by the time I was 30, then I would be having children on my own.

You see, I never even knew that I wanted to get married.  That is not something that I dreamed of, or pictured often.  It wasn’t something that I felt like I needed to be happy or to fulfill my destiny in this life.  I did have an idea of what a wedding would like or what a world with marriage could be for me.  I did know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to be a Mom.

At 26, I was married and pregnant with my first son.  Then again on my 28th birthday I found out I was pregnant again, that time with a daughter.  For reasons unnecessary to explain here, I thought that those 2 would be it for me.  Though, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel…again whatever switch should be turned off in the baby making department wasn’t flipped yet (truth be told, it still isn’t).

As circumstances would have it though, my world changed.  I got divorced and remarried.  My second marriage brought 3 children in my life from the get go. Finally, I had this giant family that I had always dreamed of.  Lastly, 6 weeks after Paul and I got married we found out that we were pregnant with our youngest son.

I have 6 children of my own that I get to love day in and day out.  Countless other kids who have a very special place in my heart daily.  Not to mention all the children who have come and gone through my life over the last 20 or so years.  I love children!!  I love watching them grow, learn and become individuals.

So far, I haven’t stopped wanting kids.  I still tease my husband about having more all the time.  He is done and rightfully so.  Though that doesn’t stop me from asking if we can house a foreign exchange student when I receive an e-mail from our local high school!  Or offering to babysit any and every small child that we know.

Last night my husband said that as he gets older children seem more precious.  I told him that I have always seen it like that.  I don’t know if that means that my brain was on fast forward when it comes to children, or his is on slow motion.  Perhaps, just the difference between men and women?  Maybe, it just because of the love that God put in my heart for children!

Make It Happen Monday 1/14

What are your goals for this week??

Mine are to continue strong on the low-carb diet.  My clothes are already fitting so much different and I am feeling fantastic.

I want to make it back to the mat all 7 days this week.  The Yoga with Adriene Dedicate has really given me life in 2019.

My goal for the year is to read 50 books total.  I have already read 2, if I could read 1 this week, then I would be on pace to hit my overall goal.

Hit 400 SHIPT shops!!  I am only 4 shops away.  400 isn’t an “official” benchmark goal, but it will be exciting.  Then I will be on my way to 500, which I would like to hit before going to Disney in March.   At the pace that I shop at, I should be able to hit it mid February.

Lastly, I would like to continue to post every day.  Being back here and intentionally writing has been incredible.  With posting, comes reading and making sure to interact with your posts as well.

Happy Monday!

Dedicate: Space

Today my yoga practice was about creating space! Not just space at the mat, a wider stance or a bigger stretch.  What can space mean in our lives?  This can look different to everybody.


For me it means creating space for ideas, people and adventures that I can’t even imagine yet.  Creating space for change and movement.  Creating space to be open to what the world has in store for me!

How do you define space?

making space

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