REBLOG: Happy Birthday Mom

I wrote this 3 years ago for my Mom on her birthday. I wrote a new one this year, but felt sharing this was still appropriate.


2019 Attitude of Gratitude

How did 2018 go by so quickly? I’m joining Dawn Landau’s positive affirmation challenge via Courtney Wright. You can find the directions here on Dawn’s post. So set your timer. See how many things you can come up with. The number order has nothing to do with importance. This is totally stream of consciousness.


Thank you, Dawn for doing this again. 😀

  1. God
  2. My Husband
  3. My Children
  4. My Parents
  5. My Sister
  6. Katy
  7. Sarah
  8. My MIL and FIL
  9. My BILs and SILs
  10. My Nieces
  11. My Nephews
  12. My Church
  13. Sky our dog
  14. Music
  15. Movies
  16. Tv Shows
  17. The Internet
  18. My Blog
  19. Books
  20. My Home
  21. The money in my bank account
  22. The Disney trip we have planned
  23. My warm bed
  24. Running Water
  25. Heat in the winter and A/C in the summer
  26. My backyard
  27. Food in the Fridge
  28. Coffee
  29. Love of Beer tasting
  30. My car
  31. The kid’s school
  32. Our children’s other parents
  33. Yoga
  34. Daily Devotions
  35. Affirmations
  36. Sounds of Snoring
  37. Sounds of Laughter
  38. Good Insurance
  39. My Education
  40. My job, SHIPT
  41. My husband’s job
  42. Essential Oils
  43. The Bible
  44. Pictures
  45. Scrapbooks
  46. Marriage
  47. Organization
  48. Home-cooked meals
  49. Lazy Days
  50. Motivation
  51. Energy
  52. Ambition
  53. Love
  54. Forgiveness
  55. Bills
  56. Church
  57. Community
  58. Friendships
  59. Life
  60. Leggings
  61. Smells that take you to a memory
  62. Memories
  63. Emily Ley
  64. Yoga with Adriene
  65. Lara Casey
  66. Annie F. Downs
  67. Being comfortable in my own skin
  68. My Grey Hair
  69. New Days
  70. New Years
  71. Holidays shared with Family
  72. Laughs shared with loved ones
  73. Being a Mom
  74. Being a Wife
  75. Being an Aunt
  76. Being a Friend
  77. Being a Daughter
  78. Being a Granddaughter
  79. Joy
  80. Living a Life of Purpose
  81. Seeing the Good in People
  82. A Flexible Job
  83. More time with my children
  84. The PTA
  85. Days off of school home with my kids
  86. Closets that are organized and full
  87. My washer and dryer
  88. The dishwasher
  89. The crockpot
  90. People that helped shape my life
  91. Central Michigan University
  92. Livonia, MI
  93. Sports
  94. Apps that make life simpler
  95. Opportunities

Mom is 60!

Today is my Mother’s Birthday!

She has been roaming the earth for 60 years now.

Luckily, I’ve been around for 38 years of that. Lucky for her or for me? Not really sure.

My Mom has always been a constant support for me. I always knew I could talk to her about anything and everything. Whether it was bad grades, my boyfriend’s, getting into trouble or any other life event.

In high school my girlfriends used to want to stay the night on school nights just to get one of my Moms homemade lunches packed for them. When I went away to college my Mom used to make the 2hr journey, 4hr round trip just to bring me groceries from Costco. After getting married she still was there whenever I needed her.

Supporting me in all the ups and downs of life. In the room for the birth of all my children. Watching these kids before or after school while I was working fulltime. Bringing coffee, diet sodas and snacks galore to our family. Most importantly still there as someone to talk to. As life would have it, sometimes I get to be that person for her as well.

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for loving me unconditionally, Lord knows I haven’t always made it easy.

Dedicate: Courage

I have had a lazy day today and it has been amazing.  All 6 kids are here and they are just enjoying each other’s company and have happily taken over the downstairs.  So, the hubs and I camped out in bed.  We stayed in jammies until about 20 minutes ago and binged on Netflix.

Finally we decided that we’d better get up and do something.  LOL, so I changed in to comfortable clothes and did my yoga practice for the day.  About 8 hours later than I usually would.  Today’s theme was courage.  Courage to come to the mat, to dedicate this time to ourselves and to stretch ourselves beyond comfort.  It felt fabulous.

Let me tell you that the ending was getting into a yogi squat.  Getting your body prepared to think about doing Crow pose.  I have been able to do crow pose only a handful of times, though only this summer when I was doing Yoga everyday, after about 2 months of practice.

When Adriene started down into the squat and navigating us towards crow, I didn’t have a good feeling.  That is OK though, I had courage to try.  Even though, Adriene only offers it up as an option to try crow pose, of course I had to try.  I tried 3 times.  The first, my legs slipped right off of my arms.  The second, I held it for nearly 10 seconds!  AMAZING.  Then the third I got it again, but only for a couple seconds.

I am getting stronger again in this journey every day.  I am feeling better, my clothes are starting to fit better, my breathing has changed tremendously.  I didn’t take a video of my crow pose today, as I literally had no idea that I was going to be able to hold it at all.  Here is a video from when I did it back in August though.

Happy Saturday everyone!  Namaste

What Are You Waiting For?

This is it! This is your life. What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting to become? What needs to happen in order for you to get off the bench and start playing in the game?

Today has purpose. Today a million different things will happen. When you’re involved with your heart and eyes open, even the most simple of events can be amazing.

Stop waiting for your life to be different. Stop waiting until you have more money, lose more weight or have a better job. Start living your life with purpose today, right now!

Dedicate: Expand

Today was day 10 of 30.  I am a third of the way done with this 30 day yoga challenge and I am feeling great.

The theme today was “expand.”  Giving a fuller version!  The idea that when we take time we can give more.  So will deep breaths and moving with our bodies, we can probably expand further than we thought possible.  Also, that if we take time for ourselves, for some self care, we can more easily expand some care to others.

These ideas are why I really try to do my yoga practice first thing in the morning.  Then I can take that expansion of self care with me through the day.  Not only will I expand on the practice itself, meaning that I will eat better and make better health choices throughout the day.  I will also, expand my mindset.  Allowing myself to be more open to what is going on around me.  Expand: Make larger or more extensive. Reaching out beyond the 30 minutes I am at the mat and taking it through my whole day.

Happy Friday.  Namaste!

Flashback Friday 1/11

I am going to try to remember to go into my old posts every Friday and pull something that is trending!

Nearly every single day since I originally posted this, at least 1 person has read it.

Back in 2016 I did a Blog Challenge for Lent, it was a wonderful time of writing and really got me thinking.  I hope that you enjoy the post.

#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Hurt You

May You Always

As I imagine most writers do, I often get inspired by the things around me.  Whether it is something happening in my home, a meme that I see on Facebook or things that are going on in the world.

This came across my Facebook news feed and I felt like I needed to share it.  Grace, that is what this is about, grace.  Give it to others and to yourself!  None of us are perfect and most of us are just doing the  best that we can.  Happy Friday Friends.


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