Love Languages

What is your love language?

There are 5 of them. Acts of service, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. If you don’t know or you’re unsure, take the quiz at the link below.


Mine is acts of service followed closely by physical touch. I had taken this quiz 5 or 6 years ago and it was acts of service followed by words of affirmation. However, I know my husband’s love language is physical touch and that has grown to be more of mine now as week.

First, I love when people do things to help me out!! Offer to pitch in, load the dishwasher or watch my kids for me. As a result, this also tends to be how I show my love to people. Making lunches, cooking dinner, watching kids of friends, doing favors when I can.

I got a zero on recieving gifts. I don’t expect nor do I care about gifts. I choose to do things with people I love (quality time) and absolutely love receiving cards (words of affirmation).

How do you show love?



We all have the same 24 hours in our day. How do you use yours?

Do you look at time as a precious gift or take it for granted?

I value my time. More importantly, I want others to know that I value theirs as well. I show up to things when I’m asked to, when I’ve committed to being there. Letting others know that I understand their time is just as important as mine.

I try to multitask whenever I can. Without giving up the integrity of what I’m trying to accomplish. Folding laundry, while I’m watching TV. Walking the kids to and from school, to get some exercise and listen to my podcasts. Getting coffee ready or prepping tomorrow’s lunches while dinner is cooking.

Committing to events that are helpful and fill my cup, but don’t make me feel like I’ve extended myself too far. Finding time for what I find most important and what is most important to those around me.

How are you choosing to spend your time? Are you showing others that your time is important to you AND that you value theirs as well?


How will you do in a storm?

Are you prepared? Will you rise to help others or will you fall and feel bad for yourself?

When we are stewardly with our time, energy, money and resources we feel more prepared for when times get hard. Cooking a meal, buying a cup of coffee, offering someone a place to land can often come back around to help us when we need it most.

When we have faith that all will be ok, we live a life trusting in what has been provided. Opening our eyes and seeing how everything can be multiplied, that’s what can help to prepare us for the storm.

I usually panic when a storm comes. My husband usually comforts me and reminds me that all will be OK. I always know that this is true. Sometimes we need reminders though.

You can make it through the storm. A little preparedness and a lot of faith. See the good, better yet, be the good.


Just a thought for today.

Are you stewardly with all that you’ve been given? Or do you try to control everything you’ve been given?

Until this morning I didn’t know that trying to control was the opposite of being stewardly. I’ll work harder to be the latter.

Hard Working

Are you a hard worker?

What does it mean to you to be a hard worker?

I have always been a hard worker. I give my all to everything that I do. When I no longer feel like I am, it’s usually a sign to me that it’s time to move on.

Being a hard worker to me means fulfilling all the duties of my job in a timely fashion. When there is time leftover, find more to do to go above and beyond.

11 months ago now I left my office job. The job that I far and away gave the most of myself to. Created, implemented, grew and then did it all again, again and again. I wasn’t appreciated or valued in any capacity and it was killing me inside.

I prayed on it for months! 4 before putting in my notice, 6 before actually leaving the position.

Hard work needed to take on a different look for me. I needed to put my work and effort into my household, my children and my husband. However, I still needed to bring in money.

I applied to be a Shipt Shopper and I got accepted. 2 months before I left my previous job and once I started, I knew that I could be successful at this. You have to have a go-getter mentality. You must be hardworking, personable and self motivated. It’s not “just grocery shopping”. No one is forcing you to put yourself on the schedule, it’s all on you.

Just last week, I started substitute teaching. Which is much the same. You can accept a job or not. Hardworking looks different then with “traditional” work. It looks like taking your own initiative to accept a job, show up and do your best so that the kids listen, but also enjoy their time with you.

I’m hard working. I don’t believe that anyone I’ve ever met, worked for or with would question that. Now, I’m just working hard at different things, including my family ❤


My bible study this morning questioned us about change.

How do you feel about change? You, yes, I’m asking. How do you feel about it? Do you welcome it, embrace it, look forward to it? Do you ignore it, resist it, run the other way?

When I’m the one initiating the change, I can usually manipulate my brain enough to be OK with it. However, if I think there is one thing going on and then BAM out of nowhere (that’s always how it feels) the time, the day, the plan, the money or the people have changed in some way.

The second question presented to me today. How was life different without Jesus in it? My true answer is, Jesus has been in my life forever. I don’t know what any of it would have looked like without him. Luckily, I don’t have to know.

Lastly, what could you work on changing in your life? The biggest thing at this stage that I can work on is listening to others. Really listening and understanding. Not waiting for my turn to respond, figuring out what to say next or interrupting.

Change can be really difficult for some. I’m going to try to adopt a new attitude about it. Turn and face the strange!!

(Turn and face the strange)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strange)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

Thank you David Bowie

The Mom’s

I have three other Mom’s that I get to do this Mothering journey with! I say get to instead of have to, because life is better when looking at it with gratitude!

Many of us are sharing this parenting journey with someone outside of a “nuclear family”. You can choose to be angry, resentful or bunched up about it. Let me know how that is working for you. We choose to make it happen. To put in the work, to find our common ground to love and respect each of the pieces making this beautiful life possible.

I wanted to share a couple of clips from my Mother’s Day Facebook post and my husband’s.

This is what my husband wrote! “There are too many moms in my life to even try and tag them all. I have been so blessed with a mother, mother in law, sisters, cousins and friends that have made such an impact on my life. While it’s not the way anyone would’ve drawn it up, I have been extremely blessed to be a part of a blended family that includes the best mom’s on the planet! I hear stories all the time about all the drama involved in most of these situations, but the women in my children’s lives have always put their children above any potential drama. They are the backbone in this crazy family unit that we have assembled. I couldn’t be more proud of my children or the women who have molded them into the beautiful people they are becoming. Thank you to all the moms… there are no steps in this family. I appreciate you all so much! Happy Mother’s Day Stephanie, Andrea, Michelle and Jess.”

Here’s part of my post. “How Lucky I am!!!…Lastly to Andrea, Jessica and Michelle who I’m lucky enough to be on this mothering journey with and am proud to say that I love each of you ❤ ”

My children wouldn’t be who they are without these 3 women. My husband wouldn’t be the man I married without Andrea and Michelle. I wouldn’t have been the woman my husband chose without Jess. Over the last 8 years though, we’ve all become family. We work together, come together and love together because we get to!

Happy Day after Mother’s Day!! It is late, but I was busy enjoying the heck out of my family yesterday.

5 for Friday 5/10

Happy Friday all!

Here are the 5 things that I am totally digging on this week.

The Bachelorette Reunion for those of you that don’t know…I am a reality TV junky.  I have always loved it.  I remember watching when I was in college and I have never stopped.  Watching this reunion on Monday made me happy.  Seeing all the ladies from over the last 15 years and to see how they are all doing now was great.

#Momsincars as a result of the Bachelorette Reunion, I have no fallen in love with this hashtag and Instagram account!  DeAnna Stagliano (a former bachelorette) & Christine Lakin (played Al on Step-by-Step) are real life best friends and are hillarious when talking about all the things Mom’s go through.

Teva Sandals that I snagged for $2 at my church rummage sale.  They are in my size, they are barely worn and they are fabulous.  They are suede, a deep brown/blackish color so they will match everything.  I rarely spend much money on clothing items for myself and if I do it is on a solid pair of running shoes.  Scoring these high quality sandals at such a low price has made me very happy.

John Lennon this isn’t just this week, this is always.  I do love me some John Lennon.  Though yesterday I decided to pull up some of his music on my phone after hearing Imagine on the radio.  Do you have any songs that instantly bring you to tears?  Not because you are sad, but because you are so overcome with emotion?  Imagine and Beautiful Boy are two of those for me.  I absolutely love his music!

Substitute Teaching!  No link for this one.  After 10 years of putting a pin in this crazy dream I had to be a substitute teacher, I finally did it.  Our public schools are always in need of good subs and a few weeks ago I brought it up to my husband.  I started all the paperwork, went to the meeting, got fingerprinted and stayed on it.  Instead of losing focus like I had a decade ago, I got everything completed and was accepted within 2 weeks of starting.  Wednesday was my first gig and it was awesome.  Made me happy and proud.  Better late than never!

500 Shops

Just over a year ago I started as a Shipt Shopper!! Here in the Detroit Metro lots of people know what Shipt is. It’s been around here for like 2.5 years. Though, it’s still spreading through the country.

For those who don’t know here’s what the Shipt website has to say. “Simplify your life with fast, simple delivery from your local stores! We’ll bring your groceries and household essentials right to your door.

So you can have an account and get your personal groceries delivered. In the Detroit metro we shop at Meijer, Target and Petco. Interested in a membership? Go to and use this code D19961.

Anyhow, I’m a Shipt shopper. Which means that I’m one of the people that shops and delivers the orders. When I first started I was beyond part time. Like 2 or 3 orders a week. Then I took the whole summer off to be with my kids. When they went back to school, I stepped up and did closer to 20 shops a week on average.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I did mmt 500th shop. It’s kind of a big deal. I received this thank you from Shipt yesterday in the mail.

I am beyond grateful for this job and this company. The flexibility it has given me to be with my children. To take the days off that they have off while still contributing to financial obligations.

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