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I wrote this post 3 years ago today. Work everyday to stay positive!


My Man

In many ways I think my husband knew EXACTLY what he was getting himself into when he asked me to marry him.

In other ways, I’m not sure that he realized the wounds were still so open. That they still needed so much love, time to heal and would still open back up from time to time.

When we got married Paul had 3 children and I had 2. Due to location, my 2 were with us more often. He enjoyed that from the getgo. Then 6 weeks after getting married we found out that I was pregnant.

For 7+ years Paul has been helping me heal. Helping me trust again, helping me relax and helping me freak out less when change happens. He has been loving all of our children equally, giving his all to them and being a man that we all can depend on!

Love you Paul! Thank you.

Wellness Wednesday: Week 7

I want to say first and foremost that wellness isn’t strictly about what we eat, how often we exercise or how much we way.  Wellness is about being in good health and more specifically having this be a goal for yourself day in and day out.

That is what this weekly post is about.  A check in for myself, keeping myself accountable for my good or poor choices throughout the past week.  So, time to see how I did!!

A week ago I downloaded a new app on my phone #gratitudeapp.  It is incredible and I urge you to download it right now if it is available to you.  I have an alarm set on it for 6am.  Every morning it reminds me to go into it, to journal and read my inspirational quote for the day.  Here was my quote for today.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Steve Furtick

I have written about this very thought pretty recently in Public vs Private Life & Public vs Private Life pt. 2.  The reminder is nice though.  Anyway, I do believe that the practice of writing in a gratitude journal is great for your wellness.  Remind yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for!

I read 2 books in the last week.  That takes my Goodreads total for the year up to 16 out of 50.  I read 13 Days in Ferguson and If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free.  I encourage you to check them out!  Reading is so good for my wellness.  Not only is it a bit of an escape, it is also a way to rest and also to learn.

I am down another .2 pounds this week and 1.5 inches.  Which is huge considering that I was in rough shape last week.  I had a headache that came on Saturday the 9th and lasted through Saturday the 16th.  It was a long, rough week.  I didn’t do yoga at all and I ate everything that I wanted.  Which meant a lot of ramen noodles (not low-carb).

I went back to the mat this week on Monday.  My goal is to do yoga 5 times this week.  Which means I will head there after I am done writing this.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!  In honor of my husband, who laughs every time he sees this commercial…I share this with you.


REBLOG: A to Z Challenge: Q stands for Queen

After watching the INCREDIBLE movie Bohemian Rhapsody and being so moved, I knew I had to share this post. I wrote this 3 years ago.

Queen has always been a favorite. After watching this movie, I can honestly say I’ve been moved. What an incredible band, amazing music and brilliant lead singer!

Tuesday’s Treasures

I made this initial image last Lenten season while I was navigating my way through a Bible Study.  It was amazing if you are interested find it here: Looking for Lovely – Bible Study Book: Collecting the Moments that Matter

This morning in my 365 Devotional: Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are the idea of treasure was presented to me again.

Morning’s can be difficult.  When you have children to wrangle and get ready for school.  Wake them up, feed them, get backpacks ready to go, lunches packed and water bottles filled.  Leaves a lot of room for frustration and meltdowns.

What I have found that really helps me combat the morning blues, is waking up early for some me time.  I am intentional about what I do in the morning to wake me up and bring calm to my day from the get go.  I pray to God for all that I am thankful for right away, sometimes before I even open up my eyes.  I make coffee!!  I get in at least 1 cup before the kids wake up.  Depending on my mood after that, I either write, read or catch up on a show I have recorded.  These are my The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You.


It took quite a few years of rough mornings for me to figure this routine out for myself.  Maybe sharing it can help some other mama’s.  I know that not everyone is a morning person like myself.  Though, perhaps after some thoughtful consideration you decide to be.  You decide that dedicating some time for yourself in the morning, to “wake-up” will help the rest of your day run smoother.  Ultimately, showing what you treasure.  Yourself and patience that you can show to your children!

Mid-Winter Break

Today is Mid-Winter Break for our public schools.  I mean not really a “break”, some years it has been a Friday and a Monday, some other districts have an entire week.  That being said, this year with 6 snow days, we don’t need much of a break.

It started snowing here last night around 5:30pm or so and by 7:30 or so we easily had 3 inches.  Woke up this morning and I would say that we have 3 inches of snow  Looks like we are blessed that today was a scheduled day off already, because we probably would’ve had a snow day if not.

The little and I were supposed to go see a movie with my Mom at 10am, but due to the snow we have decided to cancel.  No telling how any of the roads are.  Especially since they may not be in any hurry to clear them with all the kids here being out of school.

Here is what I see for my Monday, relaxing!  I want to read, finish up the book that I started this weekend If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Freeand maybe move onto another one.  At some point I will go out to shovel. Which may sound like a chore to some, but I love getting the exercise in.  My 6 year old will probably play in the snow, I will listen to a podcast and get the driveway cleared, win-win.

Currently I am watching the RHONY reunion from last summer to catch up before the new season starts here in a couple of weeks.  I just placed an amazon order to get my 11 year old a bathing suit for Florida.  He tried his one from last year and couldn’t get it up all the way, looks like it is time for a bigger size.

I am back to strict low-carb for the next 11 days.  When I had my headache last week, I just ate anything that sounded good.  Including multiple bowls of ramen noodles, bowls of cereal and some candy.  The hubs took me out to Red Robin for a delicious avocado, bacon burger and bottomless sweet potato fries.  Now I am back on the wagon until we leave for our vacation.  Where I will not be paying attention at all to what I am eating and how much!

My plan is to do Yoga at least 5 times this week.  I took all last week off, due to the headache.  Even though yoga may have helped, probably would’ve helped, I just didn’t feel up to it.

Thankful for another day to relax.  Another day to stay home and enjoy time with Noah.  I am thankful for a job where I can take a day without any kind of repercussions.  I am thankful for a husband who works his A$$ off to afford me this luxury.

What will you do with your Monday??

Things we do for our children

I was trying to think about what to write this morning.  Thoughts were going through my head.  One of those thoughts was that I am going to Chuck e Cheese later with my six year old for a birthday party!!  That made me think…oh the things that we do for our children.

I wrote earlier this week that I had a vomiting/headache issue that took me to the ER on Saturday.  Where I do feel a million times better than that, I still have this very dull headache.  Lucky me, I get to spend 2 hours at Chuck e Cheese with a headache!  Whoop whoop.  This places gives me a headache when all feels find and dandy, I can’t even imagine how I am going to feel come 5pm.

For those of you that don’t know, Chuck e Cheese is a family entertainment center with indoor rides and games for children.  There are always a million screaming kids and parents who allow their children to run around like crazy people.

Anyhow, my 6 year old was invited to a birthday party there for today from 3-5.  He deserves to go to this party.  I am the mom who still attends the party with her kid.  Not because I can’t leave him or don’t trust him, but because I am flying in solidarity with the parents of the birthday boy.  They shouldn’t have to manage 10 6/7 year old boys all on their own.  Yes, I understand that maybe this is what they “sign up for” when having a birthday party, but I can do my part.  Noah is an amazing 6 year old boy, but still a handful.  God Bless the parents that invite him to a birthday party, they have no idea the havoc that he can cause.

I am so thankful for a 6 year old who likes having his mom with him at birthday parties.  I will be bringing a book with me and sitting down most of the time, so he can be with his buddies without my hovering.  I will be close by so that if he needs me, I am there.  More than likely, I will just offer a helping hand to the birthday boy’s parents.  Spend most of the time in the backdrop watching my boy having a good time, hoping that my headache doesn’t skyrocket.

Happy Saturday Friends!

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