Long Time Gone

I haven’t written in nearly 3 months now. Things get busy, the to-do list starts piling up and inevitably something gets lost in the shuffle. Well, more often than not it is my writing.

It has been crazy here over the last few weeks. For those of you who don’t know me in real life, I live in Livonia MI in the United States. We are on a stay-at-home order due to the Corona Virus or COVID-19. Our city is second only to Detroit for cases of the virus in our county.

I have been home with my children since Friday March 13th. Crazy huh? That this whole thing started being real for us on Friday the 13th. Anyhow, since then things have shifted, rapidly. First it started with us having just that day off of school, that then quickly shifted to we wouldn’t return to school until at least April 13th.

So, what does one do with that? I made a schedule of course. The first day off the kids could do whatever they wanted. Starting that Monday the 16th though, we have had a routine. Part because I am a type A structured person, part because I know that without a routine things would quickly spiral. With a 2nd grader, 5th grader and 7th grader to worry about, I just want to make sure that they don’t lose the progress they have made. Particularly the 2nd grader, he has worked so hard with his math and reading this year.


We stick pretty closely to this schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Luckily for me, the kids are following suit nicely.

We are in our 3rd week of this homeschooling routine. Even though technically we are only out of school until April 14th, we are anticipating an announcement any day now extending that. Especially since President Trump extended our social distancing order through April 30th.

Too many people here are having too hard of a time understanding what this social distancing means. It means STAY HOME!! Unless you need something for your survival, don’t go out into the world. Only “essential businesses” are allowed to be operating. It seems as though people are still making excuses to go out and about. Obviously thinking that they are above this virus or that it won’t effect them. Then because of all of these people, the rest of us are going to be cooped up in our own homes even longer.

Anyway, I keep finding the bright spots. The little moments I am having with my children. The wonderfully beautiful, personal and meaningful conversations I am having with friends on my phone. The community coming together and decorating their windows in their homes for children to see. Extra time for baking, puzzles and memory making with my family.

Each morning we get to make this day whatever we want it to be. Whatever it takes to play your part in this uncertain time. As for me, you can find me in my home doing everything I can to make my children feel safe and loved!


Waiting on people to validate you and what you are to make you happy is nonsense.

Look around at the people closest to you. Are you sharing love, laughs and smiles? Then you are doing just fine.

Be who you are and make no apologies. Don’t wait for accolades and praise. Be comfortable with yourself and be your own sun!

Thirty-One Consultant

Did you know that I am a Thirty-one Consultant?  I don’t talk about it much on here.  I joined back in June, for just $1.  Since then I have promoted twice and I even earned a trip 🙂  The sisterhood and amount of support we receive as a consultant is unparalleled.  They truly set us up for success.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to comment here.  Want to check out my site? https://www.mythirtyone.com/us/en/stephaniechristie

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My Best Friends

What are the odds that my 2 very best friends in this entire world were born on the same day.  A number of years apart, but on the very same day.  There must be something written somewhere that I can’t find, that says someone born on August 17th will do well with people who are born on January 9th.  Here is some info I found about relationships between Capricorn’s and Leo’s though.

Capricorn and Leo Friendship! “Both signs are stubborn, overbearing and ambitious. Both, Leo and Capricorn friendship tend to persevere in achieving the goals. According to Capricorn, life must be logical, while Leo embraces the unexpected and the novelty. Once they have decided how important their friendship is, they will be devoted forever.” (Zodiac Genie)

Oh my goodness. What would I do without these two beautiful ladies in my life?  Some people don’t believe in soulmates.  Others, think that it has to be a romantic partner.  Not for me!  These two ladies who have been in my life 30+ years, through the good, the bad and the ugly.  Through moving, college, marriage, children, divorce.  These 2 ladies are my soulmates.  My heart is beyond lucky to have them 🙂  Happy Birthday Katy and Sarah!  Thank you God for bringing these 2 into my life.


One week in

We are 1 week past the new year here.  Depending on what you started, finished, took on or resolved you may already be able to see some changes.

This morning I woke up and did my Yoga for the 8th day in a row.  I weighed and measured myself.  We will keep those numbers private, but let’s just say that they are just as they should be.

After I dropped my youngest off at school, I decided to head to the rec center.  We have a family pass and I hardly ever think to use it.  This morning, I thought I am not subbing today, why don’t I just go and use the track?  Well I walked around that track for nearly an hour, over 4 miles.  LOL, yes I walk pretty fast.  I listened to a whole Podcast and just smiled the whole time.

Here I am 1 week in and I haven’t given up on anything yet.  That is the Grace!  My word for this year.  In just 8 days, I have already faltered.  It would’ve been easy to be like, well….there goes that.  I don’t plan on doing that this year though.  I am going to give myself grace when I mess up, or when I take one misstep.  Then I will just pickup and start from there.

It should also be noted that I am on book 6 for the year already.  Man, do I really dive head first into books at the beginning of each year.  I sure do hope that I will keep up with this.  On my way home from the rec center I swung by the library.  I checked out 3 books.  I also have 3 books on my bookshelf that I need to read.  I plan to read all of them before the 3 from the library are due.  Now, I am just adding other books that I would like to read to my Amazon cart.  OOOOH, that reminds me that Soulless is on it’s way to be delivered by Amazon today.  Make that 7 books total that need to read.

I have written in my gratitude journal every single day.  I am 8 days into my Bible in a Year study plan!  I have been blogging, doing yoga every day and writing in my prayer journal every day.  I accomplish more in the first hour I am awake then I think some people might in an entire 24 hours.  It is what fuels me.

This is the year that I turn 40.  I am not nervous, anxious or terrified of it.  I am so excited!  I am embracing it.  I love who I am and look forward to everything that I will accomplish in the next 7 months before my birthday, but also how much I will do after that.

My Camp

Last week I got a notification from a friend that the church camp I have been going to my whole life would be closing. This summer they would not be holding camps for my children to attend. This has broken my heart, along with my kids.

For some reason this morning I woke up with this song in my head.

Seek Ye First a Hymn

“Seek ye first the kingdom of Gid and his righteousness; and all thede things shall be added unto you. Hallelu, Hallelujah!”

I don’t remember the last time I sang this song. However, it somehow takes me back to camp with memories of people that I am still lucky enough to have in my life.

Then, while reading my daily verses in my Bible in a Year plan…there it was this verse. Matthew 6: 33-34. God was definitely trying to talk to me this morning.

“Knock and the door shall be opened unto you, Hallelu, Hallelujah!”

I am on Day 8 of my Bible in a Year Bible Plan. Day 8. Somehow though, that was verse was for me to read today. After waking with that song in my head.

I hear you God. Thank you for speaking to me so strongly this morning.

This picture was taken last summer. Right in the middle of my favorite place at camp. One of my favorite places in the whole world. The prayer labyrinth 💗


I guess that I should have made this post yesterday. After all, yesterday January 6th was in fact Epiphany. Only I didn’t know, I needed to write this until I finished my book a couple hours ago. Isn’t it funny how life works?

I read the book “Remember God” by Annie F. Downs. I started the book on Saturday, but something pushed me to finish it today. I didn’t know what the reason was until I got to the final few pages. When she talks about an Epiphany she has had, that God led her to and after this event, she realized that the day itself was Epiphany.

I don’t need to dive too deep into what happened inside of myself yesterday. I wrote just a little bit about it in my post earlier.

But, in those last pages of the book, it hit me. That I too had an Epiphany, on Epiphany and it was something that I prayed hard on. God led me right where I needed to be. Annie F. Downs helped me to realize how beautfiul it really was.

I cried through the last few pages of the book. So thankful I decided to push through that book today.

Sweet Spot

I am in the middle of reading “Remember God” by Annie F. Downs.  I am hoping to push through and finish it in the next 2 hours before I have to go get my youngest from school.  Though, I was moved to stop and post!!

This idea of being in our sweet spot.  When she first refers to it, it is in reference to weight.  As someone who hates the number on the scale, but loves how she looks in the mirror and in clothes this really hit me.  Maybe I am just in my “sweet spot”.  Maybe the number on the scale doesn’t look like I want it to.  The number isn’t meant to look the same as it did 10 years ago and most importantly 20 years ago.

What if right here and right now in my life, this is the sweet spot though?  I had to make what felt like a terribly large decision yesterday.  I am director with Thirty-one gifts and I won a cruise.  Well, yesterday after days, weeks, months of wrestling around with it, my husband I decided to opt out of the trip.

At first when I won it, I was ECSTATIC.  I busted my Ass to win that trip and was so proud of myself.  I finally had a good reason to force my husband to go on a cruise, that he didn’t really want to ever go on.  LOL.  The more that time went on, I thought about all that would go into it.  All the time, the energy, the plans, not to mention the money.  More than that though, the time away from my kids.  The vacation time we would be using that we then couldn’t use throughout the rest of the year.  Missing my youngest daughter’s birthday.  All things that just weren’t settling well with me.

As soon as I checked that opt-out button yesterday, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.  Maybe, I am in my sweet spot.  Choosing to not go on that cruise, doesn’t take at all away from the fact that I earned it!  How hard I worked to earn it.

There will be a day when my husband I take a cruise.  This just wasn’t the time.  I am in my sweet spot here.  The spot where thinking about my family as whole is most important.  The time, the energy and the money.  How can it be best used to serve all of us.

We have a graduation and a wedding to look forward to this year.  Times of celebration and family.  In the mean time, I am happy to sit on my couch, on my days off and read.  Allowing words to shape me and move me.  Feeding and Fueling myself just as I need to, to stay in this sweet spot!

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