37 miles down…63 to go

This post is from 1 year ago.  I am happy to say that I have been treating myself pretty well physically for the whole year.  I still have a few pounds and a little bit of a belly that I would like to shed, but overall, I am very pleased with the results!  I stillContinue reading “37 miles down…63 to go”

100 Day Challenge

On April 27th, I decided to take on the 100 day challenge.  100 days of moving purposefully.  That 100 days is up today and I decided to reflect back. In the last 100 days I have purposefully moved 353 miles.  These miles included running, walking, elliptical, arc trainer and bike.  Only a few days intoContinue reading “100 Day Challenge”

For the Health of It

Today marks the end of the second month in a row where I challenged myself to move a minimum of 100 miles.   Today I logged in miles 114.5 to 119.5.  All of these miles are above and beyond my average daily steps.  These miles were logged by running, walking and biking.  Walking to theContinue reading “For the Health of It”

100 Miles Monthly

During the month of May I committed to myself to move 100 days in a row, then tacked on the challenge of moving 100 miles in the month.    At the end of May I was so inspired that I started a Facebook group called 100 Miles Monthly. I invited friends, friends invited their friends.Continue reading “100 Miles Monthly”

Don’t call me Skinny

Last week my friend Emily shared a wonderful article on our #100milesmonthly group page.  It was a hello giggles article, where Lauren Conrad speaks about banning body shaming words from her vocab. This has really had me thinking over the last week. How often do I use some words over others to describe how peopleContinue reading “Don’t call me Skinny”

Bringing people together

Gym Reading: Winners by Danielle Steel.  Gym Listening: Hip hop BBQ on Pandora, which today included Tupac, Biggy and Ja Rule.  Currently Watching: Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars (yes, I know I have a problem) So for those who have been reading, for the month of June I started a Facebook group called #100milesmonthly. ItContinue reading “Bringing people together”

Me, Me, Me

Workout reading: Miss Pergerines home for peculiar children.  Workout music: STYX radio on Pandora, this included STYX, Pink Floyd, Journey and Boston.  Currently Watching: Married at First Sight (more reality) This morning while I was getting ready for the gym a bunch of random thoughts flooded my mind.  I was thinking about people from myContinue reading “Me, Me, Me”


Workout reading:  Is everyone hanging out without me by Mindy Kaling and Workout listening: Hip Hop BBQ on Pandora.  Currently watching: Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars (shocking that it’s reality TV, I know)! In the month of May I joined a Facebook group with the challenge of walking/running 100+ miles during the month.  I tookContinue reading “#100monthlymiles”