FBF: #40Notes40Days: Someone in need of healing!

Justin, this is for you.  I am so happy that I stumbled upon this when I was looking for my Flashback Friday post for today!  Today is your day!  Today is the day!  You got this!  Prayers, Hugs and Love my friend. I am working on this #40Notes40Days challenge for Lent.  I wrote out myContinue reading “FBF: #40Notes40Days: Someone in need of healing!”

#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself

You are writing this on the first day of Lent.  You made a list of people to write that fit within the #40Notesin40Days parameters and this is your check in.  How did you do?  How did it feel to reach out to those people and did they respond to you? Here is your list: 1.MeContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself”

#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Knows A Nickname You’d Like To Forget

The Dawes Family: Stevie….I loved it when I was a kid and to be honest, I don’t hate it now.  I just completely forget all about it until I see Cassie, Jason, Aunt Barb or Uncle Gary and that is still what they call me. It started when I was like 13 and still atContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Knows A Nickname You’d Like To Forget”

#40Notes40Days: Someone who is a Father-Figure

Again, since my Father is in my life, of course I have to write to him. Dad- Man, OH, Man….I don’t even know where to start. You are one of my very favorite people in the whole world.  You are the most charismatic and charming person I have ever met in my life.  People justContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone who is a Father-Figure”

#40Notes40Days: Someone who is or was your pastor!

Rev. Melanie- When I think of women who taught me, inspired me and drove me the most to be a good person, you are at the top of that list. You saw me through some very rough times.  Times when I didn’t make the best choices. When I was a teenager and made stupid mistakes,Continue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone who is or was your pastor!”

#4oNotes40Days: Someone who shares an inside joke with you

Well, the first thing that came to mind for this day was two of my co-workers Emily and Julie. So funny that in about 21 months all I can think of for inside jokes is all the silly things that we continue to say to each other day in and day out for giggles.  NoContinue reading “#4oNotes40Days: Someone who shares an inside joke with you”