Be You #Thisis38

I have always been a pretty independent person.  I am proud of my individual views and ideas, even if they differ from the norm or the popular opinion. I am the “reliable” one.  Family members and friends often call me, reach out to me when they have questions, need help or just a shoulder toContinue reading “Be You #Thisis38”

I Choose You #thisis38

Last night when my husband got home from work we had some deep conversation. I really love and appreciate the fact that we can do this. Get below the surface, say what is on our minds and value each other’s opinions.  This is part of a 3 day conversation that I started talking about yesterdayContinue reading “I Choose You #thisis38”

Accepting Help: Mental Health Awareness

About two months ago now, I put together this Guest Post for a Blogger that asked me to. Then, I never heard from them again.  So, I decided to use it today!!  A little bit about me and my mental health. Hi, my name is Stephanie.   I am a 35 year old wife and mother.Continue reading “Accepting Help: Mental Health Awareness”

Second Therapy Session

One week after the first, I found myself looking forward to going back for the second time.  We had to take care of a few more formalities, which meant more questions about my life.  I don’t remember these word for word, as it was over a month ago.  Yet, the idea behind these questions willContinue reading “Second Therapy Session”