C is for Compassion

Finding compassion for others and sometimes for yourself.  The ability to feel for another. Compassionate people will go out of their way to helps others.  People who are suffering physical, mental or emotional troubles. You think, compassion for myself, really?  Well yes, sometimes we are so involved in the flow of life, in the everyday […]

B is for Believe

  One of the very best things that you can do for yourself and your health, both mental and physical is to believe. Believing is to feel sure of something.  When you can wake up each morning and choose to believe, you can accomplish nearly anything. I think that Believing is necessary in two ways.  […]

A is for Abundance

The wallpaper on my cellphone currently says “I see abundance everywhere.” It is way too easy to get focused on the negative.  No one is trying to say that there isn’t anything negative in their lives.  I mean of course we all have shit going on.  The choice lies in, if that becomes our focus. […]

A to Z Challenge: Z is for led Zeppelin

There was never a doubt that to round out this challenge I would write about Led Zeppelin. Of course first and foremost there is “Stairway to Heaven.”  This is the first song that I ever remember hearing by them.  When I was younger I used to go to church camp every summer.  There would be […]

A to Z Challenge: W is for The Wallflowers

OK, so I feel like only a hand full of people still remember Jakob Dylan (so”n of Bob Dylan, but WAY more handsome) leading the band the Wallflowers.  Let alone, still listen to their music. The Bringing Down the Horse album continues to be one of only about 10 albums that I can listen to […]