A to Z Challenge: J stands for Journey

I love Journey.  I have enjoyed them for a long time, I mean it has been on the radio for years.  There are certain songs that just stick in your head and when you are from 20 minutes outside Detroit we all take pride in “born and raised in south Detroit” from “Don’t Stop Believin’” […]

A to Z Challenge: I stands for Billy Idol

I’ll have to admit when I was making my list of who I would write about each day, I got stuck on I for a minute.  I didn’t want to “settle” for something (someone) who fit the letter, but that I didn’t feel passionately enough toward to write about. Then it hit me….Billy Idol. Now, […]

A to Z Challenge: H stands for Hall and Oates

OK, so I was born in 1980, as I got old enough to truly appreciate music record players were quickly being replaced by CD players.  For like 1 year before I owned a CD player, I did own a record player and I didn’t appreciate it nearly enough.  It was a whole stereo system with […]

A to Z Challenge: E stands for Elton John

I am not really certain that anything more needs to be said.  I love Sir Elton John.  I own only a handful of his albums, but have many songs that I know by heart regardless. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” is quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs that has ever […]

A to Z Challenge: D stands for Dave Matthews Band

If you don’t know who Dave Matthews Band is, find out.  Find one of their many CD’s and listen.  Find a song, any song that makes you smile and listen.  I’d recommend some of their older stuff.  1998 or before, that is my favorite. I went to my first DMB concert in 1996, right after […]

A to Z Challenge: C stands for Counting Crows

I may be the only one left who is willing to admit that they love the Counting Crows.  No one talks about them anymore, but I could listen to them forever.  I own 5 different CD’s by them.  I have seen them in concert at least 5 times as well. I have owned the August […]

A to Z Challenge: B stands for the Beatles

Time for Day #2 and My B for the A to Z Challenge. The Beatles…I could choose no other. There is no other band, musician, artist that speaks to me the way the Beatles do.  Their words all bring out so much emotion, they all touch me to my core.  Such beautiful words, beautifully sung […]