The Entertainer Blogger Award

  Thanks to You Are Not Alone in This World for nominating me for “The Entertainer Blogger Award”! She was one of the first people that I really connected with on WordPress.  I appreciate our conversation.  She is amazing and you should go and check out her site. The rules:  Write a post with the award picture shownContinue reading “The Entertainer Blogger Award”

Blogger Recognition Award

I read a post Monday Morning from  A Momma’s View.  She was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and if you read the post, stuck around until the end, you saw that she nominated anyone who made it that far 🙂  She also invited readers to share their link on her page, which is theContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award! My friend over at My Journey Into Darkness nominated me for this award.   This wonderful woman is my friend, one of the few people that I have continual conversation with.  I love reading her blog about her survival and how she keeps on keeping on. She always teases me about myContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”