To My Husband on His Birthday #Thisis38

Well, today my husband turns 39. I met him when he was 31 and have been here for all 8 birthdays since. Birthday’s aren’t a big to-do in our home. We try to do experiences, not a lot of gifts. Well tomorrow we will go out to dinner with my parents, my sister and herContinue reading “To My Husband on His Birthday #Thisis38”

FBF: Happy Birthday Mom

One year ago I wrote this post for my Mother on her birthday.  Today, I share it in the same spirit.  Happy Birthday Mom.  I love you! This morning I woke up thinking, I’m happy it is my “Whatever Wednesday” on here so that I can pay tribute to my mother. Today is my mom’sContinue reading “FBF: Happy Birthday Mom”

Happy 9th Birthday: My Beautiful Boy

I wrote this post 1 year ago and I couldn’t have written it any better today.  I love you James, Happy Birthday! Today is my oldest biological child’s 8th Birthday! He is truly the first person who taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  I remember finding out that I was pregnant with him.  OneContinue reading “Happy 9th Birthday: My Beautiful Boy”

My Husband’s Birthday

Today is this man’s birthday.  The man that is way more patient with me than I deserve. The man who loves me beyond my understanding.  My favorite adult in the whole world. A man that I have been fortunate enough to spend 6 birthdays with and look forward to the next 60 with.  The manContinue reading “My Husband’s Birthday”

What Do You Think About…A Birthday Week??

A week of Birthday Celebrations!  Is there anyone else who does this? Everyone gets excited about their birthday.  I love celebrating my birthday.  I usually only focus on the specific day though, August 17th.  However due to when it falls and other plans, of course we might do dinner before or after. This year though,Continue reading “What Do You Think About…A Birthday Week??”

Watching my friend give birth

Happy Birthday Elliott!  I love you so very much.  I’m so thankful to have been around so much this last year to watch you grow.  Can’t wait to see what this next year holds! At 12:29pm I received a text from my friend Eric.  It went a little something like this…would you be interested andContinue reading “Watching my friend give birth”