Manic Monday Check-In: 5/2

First lets take a look back at April. For the month of April my stats were 2, 583 views from 887 visitors.  1, 535 likes with 282 comments.  Pretty Amazing if you ask me.  And that was with working 2 weekends in April (which tends to be when I am able to catch up onContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 5/2”

Manic Monday Check-In: 4/25

Last week was a just fine week for the blog.  With 466 views, 205 visitors, 329 likes and 44 comments.  It wasn’t the best week ever, but it turns out, that is actually what an average week on my blog looks like now!  Which is pretty exciting with 8 months in 2015 with just aContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 4/25”

Manic Monday Check-In: 4/11/16

Hello All!!!  I hope that you had a wonderful week and that you are looking forward to starting an amazing week.  I know that I am.  I have a couple of long nights ahead at work, but I have already got my Monday off to a good start, so I know that I will beContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 4/11/16”

Manic Monday Check-In: 4/4/16

So, last week was the lowest as far as stats that I have seen in awhile.  Though, I was out of town for work for 5 days and didn’t put as much love into my blog as I usually do.  Instead I as putting some TLC into me.  With professional development, friends, food and aContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 4/4/16”

Manic Monday Check-In: 3/21

Well this was another great week in the way of stats.  Not my best, but there were certainly high points. 782 Views, 364 visitors, 461 likes and 116 comments.  Last week started really slow.  By slow I mean, back in December I would have thought that they were great days, though they are low comparedContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 3/21”

Manic Monday Check-In: 3/14

Well, as far as views go this was my 2nd best week ever on WordPress.  With 782 views, 288 visitors, 542 likes and 94 comments, I am extremely pleased with my stats this week. This was one of my comments from a fellow blogger that was just so beautiful, I had to share it.  Continue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 3/14”

Monday Check-In: 3/7

I had a great week last week as far as blogging is concerned.  My stats for the week 952 views, 341 visitors, 539 likes and 131 comments.  My best week in stats ever.  Plus, I had my highest day of views on Leap Day with 181 total. I was honored to be nominated for theContinue reading “Monday Check-In: 3/7”