Tell Me What You Think…2017 Daily Topic Reveal!!!

Thank you to everyone and anyone who commented to help me settle on my daily format. I realized when I really kick-started this blog in January of 2016, I chose the daily topics in haste.  I chose based on what I thought that I could commit to.  Topics that the internet said were “popular” forContinue reading “Tell Me What You Think…2017 Daily Topic Reveal!!!”

WHAT would you like to see??

As I am working hard to put together some new formatting ideas for 2017, I would like some more input. What are some specific topics that you would like to see a post about?  For my fellow bloggers, who know me, my story and my writing….what do you wish you were hearing about? I wantContinue reading “WHAT would you like to see??”

What Do You Think About…Format Changes?

For 2017 I want to create new daily topics.  My topics for this year have really done me well, but I want to switch it up until I feel like I have really hit that Jackpot!! I would really like some feedback on topics! Since my blog is called Making Time For Me, I wantContinue reading “What Do You Think About…Format Changes?”

A Month in Review: November

Holy crap, it is December 1st!! 1404 views in December.  Surely down from other months, but you know what?  Still greater than the first 3/4 of 2015.  Which means I am still doing something better, different, more?  After all that is what I am striving for. 609 visitors.  That is so many people who decidedContinue reading “A Month in Review: November”

New Facebook Group For Bloggers — crazysobergirl

Go and Check Out this New Group on Facebook!!  It is just starting so lets get them some traffic and new members 🙂 Good morning! I hope everyone slept well, I know I did! Yesterday was a great start to the weekend, it was very productive. I have something I wanted to share with youContinue reading “New Facebook Group For Bloggers — crazysobergirl”

Manic Monday Check-In: 10/24

Here we are in the last week of October.  One month into fall and one week away from Halloween.  How are the days and the weeks going so quickly now? Anyhow, onto what happened last week.  Again, the stats are down from the norm…though, any stats are good stats 🙂 420 views from 212 visitorsContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 10/24”

What Do You Think About….Why blog?

Tara over at After the Rain posted this Why blog? today.  Then it became the inspiration for this post. There are so many reasons why blogging is for you.  What did you choose it?  Why did you start it? It is a way of life for you?  A means of income and a job?  Or is itContinue reading “What Do You Think About….Why blog?”