Manic Monday Check-In: 6/13

It appears as though last week was my 4th best week ever on Making  Time for Me.  A bit over average in viewership.  Which is really good considering that I was on vacation Monday and Tuesday without WiFi, so therefore out of my normal routine. The blog had 882 views from 359 visitors.  There wereContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 6/13”

Manic Monday Check-In: 6/6

OK, OK….so I know what you are thinking….it is Friday!!! Yes, it is Friday, but I need to do my check-in for the week.  As some of you know we were on vacation.  We didn’t have wifi at the hotel and I couldn’t go back and forth between stats and writing a blog as easilyContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 6/6”

Manic Monday Check-In: 5/30

Hey Guys, Happy Memorial Day. Last week was what is now considered an “average” week for Making Time For Me.  784 views from 299 visitors, 365 likes and 99 comments. Again the Introduce Yourself Post was the most popular of the week. I was not nearly as active this weekend for that post or theContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 5/30”

Manic Monday Check-In: 5/23

BEST WEEK EVER!!! I had the best week ever with Making Time For Me.  For many, many reasons!!   First, the statistics.  We all know how much I love the statistics.  The most views, visitors, comments and likes EVER in a week on my blog. 1,077 views for the week.  When I saw yesterday thatContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 5/23”