Thankful Day 6

Well, there are only 2 places that come to mind when I think of a place I’m thankful for!!! My house.  My wonderful, beautiful, quad-level in the city that I grew up in.  In a wonderful neighborhood, with a diverse community, amazing schools and a safe place for my children to run around outside. PaulContinue reading “Thankful Day 6”

My Church

My Devotion from 100 Day to Brave was about church this morning.  Not just any church, but my church “your church”. I have been going to the same church nearly my whole life.  When I was really little my parents followed a minister that they really liked to his new church for a few years. Continue reading “My Church”

Making Time For Me Monday

How did I make time for me?  Let me count the ways… 1)I had last Monday off of work and I did all kinds of things for myself.  The one thing that I rarely get to do though was go out to lunch with a friend.  It was very nice to just chat and notContinue reading “Making Time For Me Monday”

#40Notes40Days: Someone you once got into trouble with

This note is just to all of my boyfriends, friends that were boys and girlfriends from church growing up! Yea, I know right, the someone that I once got into trouble with, people from church.  Also the fact that I can’t narrow it down, because I got into trouble with so many, LOL!! They wereContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone you once got into trouble with”