Just a thought for today. Are you stewardly with all that you’ve been given? Or do you try to control everything you’ve been given? Until this morning I didn’t know that trying to control was the opposite of being stewardly. I’ll work harder to be the latter. Advertisements

Parenting #thisis38

Yesterday was our weeknight at church. Every week we go to church on Wednesdays for dinner, then the kids have activities. We are there for a couple of hours. Church is my home away from home. I’ve been going to the same church my entire life. My best friends in the world go there, my […]

Exercise Control — emotionsoflife2016

The time to exercise control is ending No other way out but ascending. The battle has only begun We are not done. Don’t get frustrated Everything will be created In time, in time. We all are the chosen ones The sons of understanding, the sons…….. At times our ears will be bleeding Cause the voices […] […]