Co-Parenting #Thisis38

My Timehop this morning is the inspiration for this post. Maybe what we decided to do on this day 8 years ago was setting us on the right path!  The path of respectful co-parenting.  Co-parenting done right.  The kind of co-parenting where we get compliments and kudos all the time. Maybe this, this right here […]

FBF: #40Notes40Days: Someone Who Walked with you Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

This is a letter that I wrote last year to my husband.  It makes me happy that we have another year under a belt, another year that he has chosen to walk with me and another year of way less darkness! Source: #40Notes40Days: Someone Who Walked with you Through the Valley of the Shadow of […]

Successful Co-Parenting Tips — Not the Average Mama

This was written my kids Stepmom and my friend. She is fantastic and has been better at some of these skills than I was for years. I think that she was able to gain a lot of perspective from her own parents divorce. Which even though the other 3 of us hadn’t experienced, we were […]

Real Housewives of Co-Parenting Households: Extra-Curricular Activies

Alright guys, this is our first Collaboration post outside of our introductions on Mother’s Day.  We have taken some notes and ideas from our followers.  What you want to see from this collaboration is very important to us and that is why we are doing it.  We are starting with how we deal with planning […]