Why can’t we agree to disagree anymore? 

I love this post.  It is written so wonderfully.  We can agree to disagree!! This 2016 presidential election has taught me a lot. I learned that I need to educate myself more on the government and how it works because I’m really naive to the process and I want to be b… Source: Why can’tContinue reading “Why can’t we agree to disagree anymore? “

Is the Electoral College Necessary? — millennialmomof2

It never made sense to me. This whole electoral college thing. It didn’t make sense to me as a 10 year old, 14 year old, 18 year old or even a 22 year old. But today it does. Let me tell you why. I recently moved to a relatively small town in Iowa from the […]Continue reading “Is the Electoral College Necessary? — millennialmomof2”

I Can’t Say That I Understand

My stomach is in knots and I just don’t get it.  That being said….I am choosing to have a little faith. I fell asleep watching the Election results last night.  When I woke up around 3am, Trump was giving his acceptance speech.  My heart dropped, my stomach got tight and I felt so sad. ActuallyContinue reading “I Can’t Say That I Understand”

What Do You Think About…ELECTION DAY!!

Here in the U.S.A. it is Election Day!!  Some people will vote for him and others will vote for her.  I just want to say GO VOTE!!!  This Election has been madness.  Which we have all had to be immersed in even if we didn’t want to.  Do something with that time and energy andContinue reading “What Do You Think About…ELECTION DAY!!”

America …. What The Fuck? — The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise

Originally posted on The Nudge Wink Report: Dear America, I don’t get you. At all. I mean, firstly, this confusion started when I discovered you don’t really do tea. Or have kettles. This is a mistake on your part, America. Tea – proper tea, brewed tea – is amazing. And not having kettles is seriously… viaContinue reading “America …. What The Fuck? — The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise”