Our 6 children

My family, my husband and these kids are what it is all about! When people say that I don’t really have six kids, it really pisses me off.  Ignorance is bliss perhaps under this circumstance.  People who say that, aren’t capable of unders… Source: Our 6 children

Wife, Mom, Stephanie

Reading this short post helped remind me why I need to get back into gear.  I deserve some time for myself and some hobbies that are only mine.  Eating Healthy, Going to the Gym, Reading New Books and of course Blogging! When I’m not happy,  no one else is either! I’m not good at hidingContinue reading “Wife, Mom, Stephanie”

Marrying into Family

FAMILY…it’s what it’s all about!  Having one that you were born into and one that you married into that you love, well now that is icing on the cake. Let me tell you about the wonderful family that I married into. First off, lets start with the fact that my family is really small.  MyContinue reading “Marrying into Family”

It turns out, I was right!!

So yesterday I posted “I Know and Thank You“. I thought about writing this post before I did it.  I thought that if it was her and she wanted to identify herself then she could.  If it wasn’t her then it wouldn’t much matter.  Lastly, if she wasn’t comfortable identifying herself, then everything would continueContinue reading “It turns out, I was right!!”

Flashback Friday: Dance Recitals, Step Mothers and Ex-Husbands OH MY!

Originally posted on Making Time For Me:
My beautiful 6 year old daughter had her dance recital yesterday. ? Which in and of itself is an event I am not very good with. ?Tons of small girls, “dance moms” (you know the ones I mean), make up applying, hair doing and all in what seems…

#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Knows A Nickname You’d Like To Forget

The Dawes Family: Stevie….I loved it when I was a kid and to be honest, I don’t hate it now.  I just completely forget all about it until I see Cassie, Jason, Aunt Barb or Uncle Gary and that is still what they call me. It started when I was like 13 and still atContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Knows A Nickname You’d Like To Forget”

#40Notes40Days: Someone who is mourning

Aunt Tracy- It has been 3 1/2 years and I know that you are still hurting.  Still mourning the loss of someone you loved so much. All of a sudden, he just wasn’t there anymore.  People tell you that it is OK and you should just “move on”, but what do they know? How canContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone who is mourning”