Father’s Day

There’s not enough time, nor enough words to thank these men for all they’ve given to me. My own father Steve Viso for always giving to, thinking of and supporting me and my family. Bob Christie for making me feel loved straight from the get. Our kids are so lucky to have you both asContinue reading “Father’s Day”

Our Father’s Day Weekend

As our weekend comes to a close, I am laying on the couch reflecting on the events that took place. James and Jordan just got picked up to go back to their Dad and Jess’s house until Wednesday. The love of my life is asleep on the couch and my little love fell asleep inContinue reading “Our Father’s Day Weekend”


I am so blessed to have so many wonderful Father’s in my Life!  At the top of that list is Paul, Dad and Bob!! There is nothing that I can say that will fully encapsulate my gratitude to you! My husband and the man who father’s our 6 children-  You are my heart.  You calmContinue reading “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2016”