500, 500, 500

Well…there was no official WordPress notification ūüėē  However,  sometime yesterday I hit 500 Followers on WordPress!  Which is ironic because this week has been really low as far as other stats are concerned!   However. ..I’m beyond excited that before the year has reached its half way mark I have hit 500.  Onward and upward.  HaveContinue reading “500, 500, 500”

2 More Awards from Brand New Followers

Yesterday I had a handful of referals to my blog from two different sites. ¬†I wondered why, clicked on the sites and found that they had both nominated me for awards. ¬†Again, thank you so very much. ¬†I am going to honor the awards, like I always do. ¬†Follow the rules, answer the questions andContinue reading “2 More Awards from Brand New Followers”

18 days later….

Just 18 days ago I posted about how I had hit 100 followers.¬†¬† It was so exciting to me, so far from where I started in the beginning of the year. Then today while I was with my daughter at dance class this popped up on my screen. . Well…Thank you again!¬†¬† Thank you toContinue reading “18 days later….”

A great Saturday

Had a wonderful day.¬†¬† Went to the grocery store first thing,¬† in my pajamas.¬†¬† Because when you go at 7am, that’s acceptable. Came home,¬† made breakfast and got a pork roast going in the crock pot for dinner. Threw in some laundry and have been on the couch watching Nurse Jackie with the hubby forContinue reading “A great Saturday”