Thankful Day 4&5

I thought and thought and thought about what the taste or food I am thankful for is.  It was extremely hard to come up with just 1.  Day 4.  I am thankful for Homemade Chicken and Dumplings.  This is not my favorite food by any means.  Though while I was making it for my familyContinue reading “Thankful Day 4&5”

What Works Wednesday: Meal Prep

What Works Wednesday is where I talk about how something I do works for me or my household.  A full-time working mom, with a husband and a blended family with six kids. Last week when I reached out to get some ideas for this theme a friend of mine brought up Meal Prep. Meal PrepContinue reading “What Works Wednesday: Meal Prep”

For the Health of It

I am sharing this to motivate me to get my ass back into gear!  I haven’t been to the gym in months. I have gained 20 pounds, easily.  I have a plan to eat “21 day fix” friendly.  I got a new Nutribullet for Christmas that I plan to start using today.  The gym, wellContinue reading “For the Health of It”

#40Notes40Days: Someone you once shared a great meal with!

Aunt Deb and Uncle Rick- When I was thinking about how all of these notes would go to, making sure that each letter went to someone different, it was very hard for me to come up with who this letter should go to. The thing is that when I think about great meals, I can’tContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone you once shared a great meal with!”