Our Final Days of Summer #Thisis38

We have just a a few days left of summer and we are certainly making the most of it. Yesterday we used our last 2 Groupons.  We spent an hour at Airtime where the kids bounced around, played dodge ball and basketball.  Then we moved onto Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.  An arcade with both oldContinue reading “Our Final Days of Summer #Thisis38”

Using BABY GAMES to Educate

I am an Early Childhood Professional.  The whole time I have been in this field I have operated on a “play-based” philosophy.  Some people believe that using baby games isn’t a way to educate, but I beg to differ. Children need play in their lives.  This world already forces them to grow up too fast.Continue reading “Using BABY GAMES to Educate”