Finally Happy #thisis38

For years I worked and worked. For years I cried on the inside mostly, on the outside some. I thought if I just did more of X added some of Z and less of Y, that I would be better in no time. I spent years of therapy, years of journaling (blogging), reading self careContinue reading “Finally Happy #thisis38”


Monday I was able to relax at home for most of the day.  Noah and I babysat for one of our favorite little ones.  It was special to spend that quality time with her. Tuesday Noah and I went to the zoo.  For the fourth time this summer.  He just loves walking around.  Every singleContinue reading “Thankful”

What Do You Think: Do We Choose Happiness

Last week I read a a couple of posts on here both question whether we can/do choose to be happy. Read them here.  Life is Full of Choices and When Therapy Gets Hard. I have written about this topic before….nearly 7 months and 220 followers ago, so I thought why not bring it up again?? ThereContinue reading “What Do You Think: Do We Choose Happiness”