A Love Letter to Myself

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, closed the computer and never published. I’m ready now! I was watching “One Night Only Adele” yesterday. As usual, her songs hit me right in all the feels. Being able to see her feelings, her chatting with Oprah about her life and also the way that I thinkContinue reading “A Love Letter to Myself”

FBF: Hello from the Outside

I Love this post.  I still Love this song too.  I don’t care what you say, it isn’t whiny and it isn’t pining after a lover.  It is self-reflection at its finest.  When I hear the words they strike me right to my core.  I still cry sometimes.  The tears are all happy.  A songContinue reading “FBF: Hello from the Outside”

Reblog:  Goodbye, So Long!

It is funny that I am posting this on Valentine’s Day.  Though that being said, this post really spoke to me.  And if I wouldn’t have and couldn’t have said “Goodbye”, I wouldn’t have the love of my life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.  “You say Goodbye and I say Hello”! Source: Goodbye, So Long!

Hello from the Outside

First, I’m going to start off by saying Thank you to Adele for the inspiration to write this blog. Wednesday night while driving home from family dinner, I had my two daughters and my youngest son in the car.  I was listening to my new Adele CD that I received for Christmas.  The first songContinue reading “Hello from the Outside”