Introduce Yourself 1/19

Happy Weekend everyone!! Every couple of weeks I like to post an introduction! This is a place for you to tell us who you are, where you’re from and please feel free to link your blog. I’ll start… hello, my name is Stephanie. I am from Michigan in the U.S. and I’m 38. Introduce yourself…HelloContinue reading “Introduce Yourself 1/19”

Introduce Yourself Weekend 12/2

It has been awhile since I hosted an Introduce Yourself Weekend.  It is a little different then a meet and greet! I love getting to know for everyone is writing from.  Let us know your name, who you are and where you are from!  Then add a link to your site if you so choose!Continue reading “Introduce Yourself Weekend 12/2”

Introduce Yourself Weekend: 9/10

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one and there are lots of new people reading now.  I like to get to know the people I am reading about and who are reading my stuff.  Just a simple introduction name, where you blog from and anything else you might like to share.  I’ll start. My nameContinue reading “Introduce Yourself Weekend: 9/10”

Weekend Introduce Yourself: 7/22

A few times I have “hosted” a Weekend Introduce Yourself post!  I believe this gives us a chance to get to know each other a little bit more. I think it is nice when we know other bloggers names so that we can connect with them on a more personal level!!  I also really enjoyContinue reading “Weekend Introduce Yourself: 7/22”

Introduce Yourself Weekend: 6/25

Here is what I would like!!!  I don’t want it to be a Big, Meet & Greet, that is not what I am looking for. I would love for my friends on here to simply comment with an intro about themselves. Their name, maybe their age and where they currently reside.  That is it. IContinue reading “Introduce Yourself Weekend: 6/25”

Weekend Introduce Yourself..

A few weeks ago now I wrote a post called: Introduce Yourself.  It was so successful that I decided to do it every couple of weeks or so. I asked my followers and anyone who somehow got connected to this post to share just a little bit about themselves.  Of course, only what you are comfortableContinue reading “Weekend Introduce Yourself..”

Introduce Yourself 5/27

Last weekend I hosted an “Introduce Yourself”. It was so successful that I am going to keep doing it every weekend until it fizzles out. Though, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen!!! Here is what I would like!!!  I don’t want it to be a Big, Meet & Greet, that is not what I am lookingContinue reading “Introduce Yourself 5/27”