FBF: Weight For an Excuse

Watching the new season of this show, I am even more irritated that this is what happened last year.  I still REALLY dislike her husband. Ok…so as per usual on a Tuesday morning I am watching reality TV.  Today I am watching the RHOOC episode from last night.  Not more than five minutes in toContinue reading “FBF: Weight For an Excuse”

FBF: Someone Who Hurt You!

For those of you who have put 2 and 2 together and for those who haven’t.  I wrote the letter to Jess back in March, before I found her blogging on WordPress.  The second is a post that she wrote yesterday. I am sharing this in hopes that people can understand that things can change,Continue reading “FBF: Someone Who Hurt You!”

REBLOG: Faces…of Betrayal — savingshards

Who is she, the betrayed? It never really mattered to me before. It was never more than a passing moment of surprise, or I’m not surprised. It used to be I thought maybe they’d brought it on themselves, or were the cause of the wandering because they were too demanding. Too controlling. Too harsh. Too […]Continue reading “REBLOG: Faces…of Betrayal — savingshards”

Whatever Wednesday: Wait

The Tuesday at Ten prompt word is Wait.  After writing a letter to the Other Woman, I realized that it was the waiting that turned our relationship around. It has been over 6 years since I initially found anything out about you.  5 1/2 years since my marriage ended. 5 1/2 years of time thatContinue reading “Whatever Wednesday: Wait”

#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Hurt You

  Jess- I am not sure where to start this letter. You came into my life as a stranger.  Someone who worked with my husband, who I ran into a couple of times.  A person who I was leary of and warned about from the start. I am not sure if I was naive, ifContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone Who Hurt You”