Reblog:  Goodbye, So Long!

It is funny that I am posting this on Valentine’s Day.  Though that being said, this post really spoke to me.  And if I wouldn’t have and couldn’t have said “Goodbye”, I wouldn’t have the love of my life to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.  “You say Goodbye and I say Hello”! Source: Goodbye, So Long!

REBLOG:  Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

I felt like this post really spoke to me.  OW, meaning “other woman”.  Some people don’t have to know the woman who broke up their marriage.  Others, like myself, see them on a weekly basis for nearly 6 years now.  Everyone’s journey is different. Source: Do I Really Need to Know Anything about the OW?

Just One Chapter

The other day I read a quote on Facebook and it really struck me, so I knew I needed to use it as blog inspiration. The quote went something like this, “sometimes you don’t get to keep everything you started out with.” This quote made me think of one of my favorite songs by theContinue reading “Just One Chapter”

Therapy Session #6

I went nearly 1 month between session 5 and 6.  Due to work and scheduling conflicts, it’s just didn’t work out to go see her for awhile. It felt really good to see her and catch up.  Then in the same instance, it felt good to go nearly a month and have no big hurdlesContinue reading “Therapy Session #6”

Weight For an Excuse

Ok…so as per usual on a Tuesday morning I am watching reality TV.  Today I am watching the RHOOC episode from last night.  Not more than five minutes in to the episode, my jaw dropped from something that one of the ladies said. I had a physical reaction, so what else would I do butContinue reading “Weight For an Excuse”