Hello I Am (Introduce Yourself)…January 5th

One of the things that I love most about blogging is reading other people’s points of view. One of the things I like the least, is not always remembering who they are and where they are from!  I have a thing for remembering people’s names, it is important to me. Tell me here what yourContinue reading “Hello I Am (Introduce Yourself)…January 5th”

Introduce Yourself Weekend 12/2

It has been awhile since I hosted an Introduce Yourself Weekend.  It is a little different then a meet and greet! I love getting to know for everyone is writing from.  Let us know your name, who you are and where you are from!  Then add a link to your site if you so choose!Continue reading “Introduce Yourself Weekend 12/2”

Weekend Introduce Yourself: 7/22

A few times I have “hosted” a Weekend Introduce Yourself post!  I believe this gives us a chance to get to know each other a little bit more. I think it is nice when we know other bloggers names so that we can connect with them on a more personal level!!  I also really enjoyContinue reading “Weekend Introduce Yourself: 7/22”

Weekend Introduce Yourself..

A few weeks ago now I wrote a post called: Introduce Yourself.  It was so successful that I decided to do it every couple of weeks or so. I asked my followers and anyone who somehow got connected to this post to share just a little bit about themselves.  Of course, only what you are comfortableContinue reading “Weekend Introduce Yourself..”

Introduce Yourself 5/27

Last weekend I hosted an “Introduce Yourself”. It was so successful that I am going to keep doing it every weekend until it fizzles out. Though, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen!!! Here is what I would like!!!  I don’t want it to be a Big, Meet & Greet, that is not what I am lookingContinue reading “Introduce Yourself 5/27”