What Do You Think About…Karma?

Do you believe that what goes around comes around? Do you believe that it comes back to the one who did the wrong?  Or what about the one who was wronged? Both? Do you sit and wait for it?  Do you trust that it will happen in some capacity even if you don’t ever noticeContinue reading “What Do You Think About…Karma?”

Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap

I am participating in the Kindness Challenge.  If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out here.  Yesterday was the last day of Week 3. Week 3 was all about kind energy.  Niki said this ” We are going to focus our thoughts and actions on coming from a place of kindness. Speaking kindContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap”

Flashback Friday: My story to share

Source: My story to share I am using this blog as inspiration to start a book.  I really really want to write a book and what better place to start then when my life as I know it started.  The title will be Karmatic: 5 Years Later.  Here is a link to the preview (mostlyContinue reading “Flashback Friday: My story to share”