Happy 9th Birthday: My Beautiful Boy

I wrote this post 1 year ago and I couldn’t have written it any better today.  I love you James, Happy Birthday! Today is my oldest biological child’s 8th Birthday! He is truly the first person who taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  I remember finding out that I was pregnant with him.  One […]

#Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

We could all use some tips on helping our children stay positive. This is a continuation of last week’s #momlife post. Tikeetha asked for tips on shaping your child’s perception when they tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. I’m… Source: #Momlife Monday|Raising Positive Kids Part II

JUST ME AND THE KIDS (Guest post by Stephanie)

I was honored to do a Guest Post for Cordelia’s Mom.  Thank you for having me.  Also, thank you for allowing me to post about something that was important to me. I’m honored to present a new guest poster – Stephanie of Making Time For Me.  No, Stephanie’s not “new” – she has more followers […]

Throwback Thursday: School Edition

I decided to share Jess’s post about our kids. Throwback Thursday is here! I love combing through my old photos and reminiscing the memories that come with them. Thursdays are dedicated to just that! First Day of School The picture on the left … Source: Throwback Thursday: School Edition

FBF: Cleaning Up After Yourself

As parents we will never stop reminding the kids to clean up after themselves.  As a mother and the kind of person that I am, I will never stop feeling that is important. Saturday night found Paul and I engaged in some heavy discipline with our kids.  5 of the kids were playing downstairs when […]

Let’s Talk About Sibling Arguments

These kids….that are mine too….ooh their arguments sure can make my brain feel like it is going to explode!! Nothing like a jog down memory lane to trigger some memories. I was talking with my mom yesterday about how the kids were bickering in the car the other day the whole way home from their […]

FBF: Worlds of Fun

As this week has gone on my Time Hop has been inundated with pictures from our trip to Kansas City last year.  I knew that my Flashback Friday needed to be my post about World of Fun.  Back when I had like 12 Followers and very little people read it.  So, please enjoy! A couple […]