Mat Choices

“Be kind to yourself and then bring that kindness to others.” #yogawithadriene I don’t remember the last time I made it to the yoga mat.  I am not sure if I have written about it in a previous post at all.  But, I have had a hard time getting back on the health train sinceContinue reading “Mat Choices”

K is for Kindness

There is nothing quite like kindness.  We have an opportunity to choose so much about us.  About what kind of person we are going to be, what legacy we will leave after we are gone. Kind should be #1 on that list, in my opinion.  Friendly, Generous and Considerate, those are all words that IContinue reading “K is for Kindness”

Thankful Days 15-19

Day 15…A mystery I am thankful for.  God, that is my answer.  Now some of you may say that my faith in God must not be strong if I think it is a mystery, but I don’t believe that is true.  We know this life, these stories from the church and from the bible, butContinue reading “Thankful Days 15-19”

Kindness Challenge: Week 7

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Kindness Challenge 2016.  To read more about it click here. I like to think that I do kind things regularly.  Sometimes, I can’t wait to tell people about them, but most of the time I keep my mouth shut about them. Isn’t that the art of beingContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 7”

Kindness Challenge: Week 6 Reflection

I have been participating in the kindness challenge for 6 weeks now.  Only one week left. If you would like to read about it, do so HERE. The Kindest person that I know is probably my mother in law.  She was the first person that came to mind when I read this week’s challenge. SheContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 6 Reflection”

Kindness Challenge: Week 4 Reflection

  Kindness Challenge Week 4: Be Kind  Sounds so simple and actually this week was probably the most natural week for me.  Gaining some perspective from Niki and exercises to help you incorporate it into my daily life.  As I was reading the list, I realized that these are things that I do on aContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 4 Reflection”

Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap

I am participating in the Kindness Challenge.  If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out here.  Yesterday was the last day of Week 3. Week 3 was all about kind energy.  Niki said this ” We are going to focus our thoughts and actions on coming from a place of kindness. Speaking kindContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 3 Recap”

Kindness Challenge: Week 2

I am taking part in the Kindness Challenge.  If you haven’t heard about it, click here.  A wonderful challenge that makes you see the beautiful and the positive in the world around you! Week 2: Observe Kindness Around You I observed so much kindness around me this week.  I wrote down all kinds of thingsContinue reading “Kindness Challenge: Week 2”