X is for XO

Kisses and Hugs!! Do you know that their are actual health benefits to kissing and hugging? Now, I’m not talking about just intimate situations. I’m talking about friends and family too. Here are some benefits of kissing according to cnn.com Helps to reduce blood pressure Zaps cramps and headaches Fights cavities Amps up your happyContinue reading “X is for XO”

What Do You Think About…Kisses on the Mouth?

After reading all the controversy about Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips (if you haven’t heard, go here), all the shaming and hating about it.  It got me to thinking!! How do you show love/affection to people?  Who do you kiss on the lips and who don’t you?  When does that become comfortableContinue reading “What Do You Think About…Kisses on the Mouth?”