Thankful Day 13&14

Well…I got on to start writing yesterday and I honestly couldn’t think of the smell that I was thankful for ❤ I mean really, a smell?? OK so here goes….Day 13 a smell I am grateful for…the top of all my kids head!  Each and every one of the 6 of them.  The best smellContinue reading “Thankful Day 13&14”

Podcast Debut

I had the opportunity to be a guest on a Podcast last night!  Well technically the podcast will air in a couple of weeks, but it was recorded last night. Ever since I knew that Podcasts were a thing, it has been a bit of a dream of mine to be on one.  I thinkContinue reading “Podcast Debut”

Tuesday at Ten: {LEARN}

  On a daily basis I am reminded that there are things that I can’t control.  Well, for a control freak like me sometimes this is a challenge.  If I could stop to think about, I would know that I need to knock it off.  The problem is, that isn’t how my brain works.  MyContinue reading “Tuesday at Ten: {LEARN}”

Synchronicities — The Richness of a Simple Life

Originally I was going to include a few excerpts of an article I found and “reblog” it so to speak. It became a stream of consciousness writing prompt I wasn’t expecting and have decided to share that with you. At the end you’ll find the link I was going to share initially. I hope you […]Continue reading “Synchronicities — The Richness of a Simple Life”

Flashback Friday: Lifelong Learning

This was orignially posted back in June.  I think that the thought, motivation and inspiration behind it are still very important.  As days, weeks and months go on, I try to keep this list in mind to guide the way I want to live my life! Please click the link below to read.