What We Love #Thisis38

My Devotion this morning finished with this questions.  What is it that God made you to love?? The answer to that is children.  Mine, of course.  Then my niece’s, nephew’s and friend’s children.  I have had multiple jobs where children were the center of my work.  Working at 2 child care centers, being the children’sContinue reading “What We Love #Thisis38”

Ten Minutes: My Grey Hairs

Happy International Women’s Day!! I am 37 years old.  I have just over 5 months before I turn 38. I have some grey hair, I couldn’t even begin to estimate how much of my hair (I have a lot) has already turned grey, I would venture to guess somewhere about 25%. There aren’t many peopleContinue reading “Ten Minutes: My Grey Hairs”

#40Notes40Days: Someone I Am Proud Of

This letter is to all of my children.  All six of them.  The ones I gave birth to and the ones that I married into. I am so proud of all of you.  I don’t understand some of the things that you do and sometimes you downright drive me crazy.  At the end of theContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Someone I Am Proud Of”

My Kids Make Me Proud

We had a busy weekend.  Usually when we have all six kids in the house, we are homebodies.  We may go to the park, have friends over, but for the most part we just relax and spend time together.  This weekend, we had two big plans.   Saturday late afternoon, we had an anniversary partyContinue reading “My Kids Make Me Proud”