Tuesday’s are the worst

I hadn’t noticed it before the stay at home order, but since it started, Tuesday’s seem to be the hardest day of the week.  Yesterday, was no different.  For some reason our emotions are always higher on Tuesday’s, but we look for the good. We always get out of the house on Tuesday’s for anContinue reading “Tuesday’s are the worst”

All the kids/grandkids

This is a picture of my family!!!  It was taken yesterday at my nephew’s first birthday party.  From left to right.  In the back row our niece Morgan, brother-in-law Chad, me, Paul, our daughter Jordan, our son Isaiah and my Dad. Front row my sister Dawn, our sons Elijah, Noah and James, our daughter Sienna, my MomContinue reading “All the kids/grandkids”

An Open Letter to My Husband

Babe- While you were holding me last night in your arms, as we were drifting off to sleep, I thought “he is too good for me.” All of my crazy, my pain, my anger, my baggage, my anxiety….you face it head on. Sometimes you just let me do what you believe I need to do,Continue reading “An Open Letter to My Husband”