Transformation Tuesday: After 2 weeks

Well, the scale didn’t go down this week.  That being said, I had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t. I am in that very fun time of month for women 😉  You know what I am talking about! I was on vacation for over the weekend and I drank and ate what I wanted to. TheContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: After 2 weeks”

Making Time For Me in 9 Ways

Yesterday while we were driving home from our weekend trip up north, I started thinking about this post. What would I write about? How many things had I done for myself over the last week. The answer is so many things. Paul was out of town last week, which meant single mom duty. This alsoContinue reading “Making Time For Me in 9 Ways”

Dance Recitals, Step Mothers and Ex-Husbands OH MY!

My beautiful 6 year old daughter had her dance recital yesterday.   Which in and of itself is an event I am not very good with.  Tons of small girls, “dance moms” (you know the ones I mean), make up applying, hair doing and all in what seems like a VERY short amount of time.Continue reading “Dance Recitals, Step Mothers and Ex-Husbands OH MY!”