5 Rules to This Co-Parenting Thing — A Thomas Point of View

This is a follow-up post to my 3 Truths About Co-Parenting. I, along with many others struggle when trying to find a balance with child-rearing and dealing with our exes so I wanted to share my 5 Rules for co-parenting. This is not an inclusive list and please understand that one size doesn’t fit all.Continue reading “5 Rules to This Co-Parenting Thing — A Thomas Point of View”

Overcome with Emotion

Tomorrow is a big day for Paul and I.  Tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of when we got engaged.  9.10.11 I don’t know how it happened.  I will never know what went on in his head that made him feel the way that he felt that afternoon. What about that minute, that moment inContinue reading “Overcome with Emotion”

Your Ex

I love this post.  As someone who has gone through all the emotions with my ex from extreme love, to extreme hate and everywhere in between, I get this post.  However, I have never (that I can think of) encouraged my children to do anything but love their Dad. This is something that truly getsContinue reading “Your Ex”

REBLOG: But, Before You Say Yes

I was at the nail salon last month talking to other clients. You know how women do? We meet another client in a beauty salon or nail bar and it’s like we’re old friends. That’s what happened. We started laughing and talking about dating, marriage, relationships and children. One of the women that I met […]Continue reading “REBLOG: But, Before You Say Yes”