Tuesday at Ten {A Little About Me…}

My name is Stephanie.  I am a 35 year old from the United States, Michigan to be exact. I started blogging in October of 2014, that is when I made my WordPress site.  I started taking it seriously January 1st of 2016.  That is when I started blogging with a purpose and doing what IContinue reading “Tuesday at Ten {A Little About Me…}”

#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself

You are writing this on the first day of Lent.  You made a list of people to write that fit within the #40Notesin40Days parameters and this is your check in.  How did you do?  How did it feel to reach out to those people and did they respond to you? Here is your list: 1.MeContinue reading “#40Notes40Days: Open Letter to Myself”

I will worry about me, you worry about you

My life has been a ball of emotions lately.  My husband has been coming home from work, looked at my face and knows that I have A LOT to say.  I usually say A lot, but it is usually just a lot of words, not necesaarily a lot of meaning. I have a shit tonContinue reading “I will worry about me, you worry about you”

It’s Friday!

Currently Reading: Is everyone hanging out without me. By Mindy Kaling.  Currently Listening To:Beatles Radio on Pandora.  The Beatles are my favorite.    Currently watching: The Real Housewives of New York (again).  Just for pure entertainment I think it should be noted that in this episode there is a clip of interviews being done byContinue reading “It’s Friday!”

102 miles by May 28

Currently Reading….something by Mindy Kaling..Lol…sorry Mindy and Currently Listening to Styx radio on Pandora! This lovely little combination pushed me through 8 miles at the gym today.  Which brings my total for May to my goal and even past it.  Woohoo.   Yesterday I knew I was on the brink of reaching my 100 mileContinue reading “102 miles by May 28”