I Had Therapy Yesterday

So, I have gone from someone who didn’t want to go anyone for help to someone who looks forward to therapy. I can now tell when I have gone “too long” without seeing Hillary.  When the day arrives, it is usually one of my 3 things I am grateful for that day.  (I have aContinue reading “I Had Therapy Yesterday”

The Therapy Session That Wasn’t!!!

Last week, I realized that I didn’t have my next Therapy appointment written down in my planner.  Every Thursday I make my work plan for the week ahead and send it to my boss. So, I reached out to my therapist and asked her when my next scheduled appointment was.  She messaged me back andContinue reading “The Therapy Session That Wasn’t!!!”

Therapy Yesterday

I had therapy yesterday afternoon.  Which I always look forward to, but yesterday was in a whole different way. She always starts off by saying, “so whats new?”  Then that usually sparks enough of something for us to keep going through out hour.  Whether because of the way I am speaking about it or theContinue reading “Therapy Yesterday”

Yesterday’s Therapy Appointment

It has been so nice to go see my Therapist every 2 weeks, 3 times in a row now.  Because of life, illnesses and vacations we had to put of Therapy for close to 3 months.  I can tell that my energy is better when I can check in with Hillary every couple of weeks.Continue reading “Yesterday’s Therapy Appointment”

Therapy Yesterday

So, in therapy I tend to flip flop between talking about two subjects.  One being my first marriage and two my current marriage. I try to deal with the demons and the anxiety about my first marriage.  Then I find tools to make myself better in my marriage this time around. We always start withContinue reading “Therapy Yesterday”

Yesterday’s Therapy Session

So, yesterday I went to therapy.  It was long over due and had become completely obvious. I have an intense need to talk about my thoughts and my feelings.  Talking to my husband, my friends and family is amazing and most of the time is all the therapy that I need.  Every couple of weeks,Continue reading “Yesterday’s Therapy Session”