Thursday’s Ten 2/8

Be Brave The devotional that I have been reading each morning is called 100 days to brave.  At the end of today’s devotion it says Be Brave: Finish this sentence: I am significant because _______________________________, and here are the three ways that impact my life _______________________________________. Well how in the world do I answer thatContinue reading “Thursday’s Ten 2/8”

Thankful Thursday 3/16

I am going to focus on one thing for Thankful Thursday and that is my dinner last night. Last night my son James had a fundraiser for his class camping trip.  The fundraiser was at a restaurant and the restaurant was going to be donating a portion of the bill to the school. Well, theContinue reading “Thankful Thursday 3/16”

The Best Type of Mom Friend — A Mother of All Trades

I really loved this!  I am fortunate to have some great friends and truthfully only a couple are “mom friends”.  I have found a tribe of women who love me for me. They enjoy my whole family and embrace all that I am, even the ones who aren’t Moms yet themselves.  I feel like theContinue reading “The Best Type of Mom Friend — A Mother of All Trades”