A Month in Review: November

Holy crap, it is December 1st!! 1404 views in December.  Surely down from other months, but you know what?  Still greater than the first 3/4 of 2015.  Which means I am still doing something better, different, more?  After all that is what I am striving for. 609 visitors.  That is so many people who decidedContinue reading “A Month in Review: November”

October in Review

Another month has come and gone. It was the slowest month since January for Making Time for Me.  That being said, I am still in awe of the stats. 1,950 views from 840 visitors and 883 likes with 133 comments. The most read post last month was What Do You Think About….Lowering Your Expectations? 44 differentContinue reading “October in Review”

Month in Review: September

I absolutely can NOT believe that it is October.  That somehow there are only 3 months left in the year.  Where is the time going?  Why must it go by so much quicker as we get older? Perhaps a really great topic for a post on another day. As most of you know Blogging StatsContinue reading “Month in Review: September”

August: A Month in Review

What a Terrific Month for Making Time For Me! My 3rd best month ever.  3, 251 Views…I can’t even believe that over 3000 times people looked at my content.  1,185 different visitors. 1,555 Likes and 434 comments from different people. 51 different countries stopped by for a visit sometime in August! My most read postContinue reading “August: A Month in Review”