What We Love #Thisis38

My Devotion this morning finished with this questions.  What is it that God made you to love?? The answer to that is children.  Mine, of course.  Then my niece’s, nephew’s and friend’s children.  I have had multiple jobs where children were the center of my work.  Working at 2 child care centers, being the children’sContinue reading “What We Love #Thisis38”

Why I stay Strong

Sometimes life is hard.  There are things that we can’t plan for.  People that we can’t plan for.  No matter what life throws us at, we can always find a reason to keep on keepin’ on.   Keep your head up! Life is hard. ..it’s real F***ing hard.   I know it isn’t only hard forContinue reading “Why I stay Strong”

Happy Birthday Mom

This morning I woke up thinking, I’m happy it is my “Whatever Wednesday” on here so that I can pay tribute to my mother. Today is my mom’s birthday, I won’t say how old she is turning, but the answer isn’t that high.  I am her oldest, she was 21 when she had me, soContinue reading “Happy Birthday Mom”

Wife, Mom, Stephanie

When I’m not happy,  no one else is either! I’m not good at hiding my frustration or my excitement.   I can not ignore disappointment just like i can not hold back praise of accomplishment. When I was in my “working through divorce” workshop nearly 5 years ago now,  they made it a point to tellContinue reading “Wife, Mom, Stephanie”

Do you have a Vision Board?

I read a wonderful post yesterday about why we should have vision boards.  While reading, I found myself reflecting on my own vision board.  I was wondering if in fact this board that I had created back in October, really was helping me to stay focused.  The post said that a vision board looks differentContinue reading “Do you have a Vision Board?”