More Time in the New Year

Here it is the first Monday in 2017.  The first time that I am posting for Making Time For Me Monday. This will be the space where I talk about how I managed to get some ME time in this busy household.  What does my ME time look like?  And what is most important toContinue reading “More Time in the New Year”

I’m already planning for Monday

This morning I realized that I lost my motivation somewhere!  Some where in June, LOL!! I need to find it again.  I haven’t been to the gym in what feels like ages.  What am I paying the money for if I am not going?  Why am I not going?  I don’t know.  Staying in bedContinue reading “I’m already planning for Monday”

Tell Me What You Think: Motivation

Today’s post is relatively simple and straight forward.  Does it bother you when other people seem to have more motivation than you do? Then IF you believe they have more motivation than you do, does it make you question your motivation or theirs?

Monday Check-In: 3/7

I had a great week last week as far as blogging is concerned.  My stats for the week 952 views, 341 visitors, 539 likes and 131 comments.  My best week in stats ever.  Plus, I had my highest day of views on Leap Day with 181 total. I was honored to be nominated for theContinue reading “Monday Check-In: 3/7”